Onewheel Battery Safety Questions

  • Now that I commute every day on my board, I get to have these really awkward elevator rides where the 30 - 60 somethings in my work building give my board a very strange look and I stand there wondering if they will ask me anything about it while we take the ride up to the 19th floor....

    My favorite question so far was from a 50 something dude who waited until everyone was packed into the elevator before he asked with a chuckle..... "that thing won't blow us up in here will it?"

    Luckily, I had read @callenj357 's post about airline travel on this forum, and gave the guy a similar speech.

    "A Lithium iron phosphate battery is a type of Lithium ion battery. But usually a higher quality one compared to the hoverboard lithium cobalt oxide batteries. There are well know safety risks with lithium cobalt oxide batteries, especially when damaged. Lithium iron phosphate batteries usually have a lower power density compared to lithium cobalt oxide, but are much safer.

    Try explaining that to TSA and watch their eyes gloss over."

    So there you go... just wanted to point out the quality of product that Future Motion has released, and share that for anyone who also gets a lot of those questions. Another common response I have to the hoverboard comparison is that "comparing a hoverboard to my OW is like comparing a moped to a nice bucati. Same concept, very different vehicles, very different quality of product." I'll probably point out that it's a fully AMERICAN made product with a year warranty in the future as well..... :D

  • I may have said something like,
    Well, I did over inflate the tire...