LTO Batteries, a possible future?

  • I was reading up on batteries for a post, and stumbled over LTO batteries (lithium–titanate).
    So we all know that LiFePo4 (now L4) is great stuff, and also that which resides within the OW.
    The LTO batteries seems like a step further in the same direction as L4.
    The L4 have low inherent voltage (3.2 V) compared to other lithium batteries (typically around 3,7 V), and the LTO brings this even further down to 2.4 V. Still, as 15 cells of 3.2 V adds up to 48 V, so does 20 cells of 2,4 V. So maybe not that hard to use.

    So what is to gain? Well the big things being promoted with LTO batteries are safety, cycle durability and charge/discharge rate. So pretty much the same as the L4's.
    So if a standard li-ion has a cycle durability of 400-1200 cycles, then L4 has 2000, and the LTO supposedly has 3000-7000.
    So it should last for quite some time.

    Now the really interesting thing is charge rate. I've seen statements claiming "safely charged at rates higher than 10C". And if that's possible with this configuration, that would mean charging your OW in about 6 minutes.

    And it's still safe. I'm not sure how safe, but seems to at least share the "won't explode if you smash it" trait with LiFePo4.

    If anyone has any other fun facts or corrections, I'm all ears. I like seeing technology progress, and dream of the day where my OW will last 50 miles and still charge in under 20 minutes.

  • @germx I would expect to see an increase in range similar to the chevy volt over the years, probably an extra mile or every 2 years, but once the tesla factory(gigafactory) gets rolling we may see a much faster progression in battery technology.

  • @itwire I would certainly hope for a faster progression :)

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