Lights (front and rear) get on and stay on while charging the battery

  • This didn't happen to me before. Is it normal? I don't think so. Can you help me? Thank you. Best!

  • @to-moto I don't know. My board starts up normally when I plug it in. Usually, I charge it in a vertical position. This makes it start up with an error blink and no lights. If however I charge it standing horizontally, it will start up normally, and the lights will be on (if lights are set to be on).
    Not 100% sure on how it's supposed to work, but that's how mine works.

  • Thank you mate. Maybe you are right. I did send an email to FM in the meantime reporting the matter. If they say something different to me I shall let you know. All the best!

  • Update on this issue? My OW is doing the same thing. Led stays on when plugged in and charging.

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