loosing power and torque after big crash ??

  • hi everyone thanks for your time, i got in many accident with my onewheel but i think the last one the board dindt really like it. I'm feeling going less faster and even no be able to go up hill i could easily do before, acceleration is less receptive as well. I'm earing some noise on stationary position and wondering if this never happen to anyone before will post a video of the noise once home. thanks

  • @onewheeladventur can you summarize what happened? As rugged as they are they can be damaged. If you're hearing a noise that could be the board telling you it needs factory love, and the difference in performance isn't a good sign. One thing I always do after a wipeout is turn it off and let it sit for a bit, then power it back on. So far that's always resolved any weirdness.

  • I have had my OW for 2 weeks now and love it ! - I have had 4 hard crashes and took a few days off to heal my wounds. I made sure I had a full charge before i met up with a friend who just purchased his OW and we went for a ride , the first hill I took was rather slow and the OW stalled and shut off while I was on it. I reset it and it continued to dog it up the very same hills I cruised up before with no issues before. my Buddy's OW was brand new and just cruised up the same hill effortlessly .
    mine is not making any weird noises-sounds normal , Whats going on here ? any Idea ?

  • @Rob-Thome' are you in classic or extreme mode? When you start your ride at 100% charge are you going uphill or downhill? Are you keeping your front foot over both sensors?

  • yes sir, fresh off the charger full load in elevated or extreme it happens as i'm going up hill. Down hill and flats are fine .

  • @Rob-Thome' I'm wondering if the hills you're going up are steep. If not you may want to reach out to customer service, but if they are it may be another issue. When I first started riding, I had real difficulty making it to the top of steeper hills, and like you I had several wipeouts getting pitched over the nose (they particularly sucked because I was not expecting to get pitched while riding uphill). No issues near the bottom / early part of a steep hill (as I had momentum), but as I lost momentum, I'd press on the front pad; and after a few wipes, I figured out that if you do that too hard while going up a steep hill, it nosedives- quick. Turns out there's a little bit of an art to getting up steep hills. I tackle them almost straight up for the opening stretch, to build max momentum. That first moment I sense I'm losing momentum, I put pressure on the front pad (while at the same time not leaning too far into it- key going up steeper hills) and that gives me a boost. The second time I feel I'm losing momentum, I cut backside across the hill, as that changes (reduces) the uphill angle and lets the board sort of get caught up after an aggressive uphill stretch. From there I do switchbacks until I make it to the top.

  • well I'm comparing this experience before and after the crashes - before I went up those very same hills with amazing speeds ,I'm 220 lbs and thought the issue maybe that my buddy was 70 pounds lighter So I told him that was probably why but when I rode his new OW , I flew up the same hills just like mine did when it was new, is there a way to "reset" them back to default ?

  • @Rob-Thome' I don't understand the question about resetting, but if you're saying that before a hard crash your board made it up the hills no problem, and now after a hard crash you're having ongoing and repeated issues, reach out to customer service and see what they have to say.

  • what i meant by resetting was like any electronic device (PC) sometimes rebooting clears the problem. I did power cycle it and no change ,so I will contact customer care to see what they have to say ...thanks !

  • Did you check it is still in extreme mode?

  • @Rob-Thome' I have been having the exact same problem! I can't figure out what it is, but going up hills now is very labored, where before it was a breeze. Were you able to resolve the issue?

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