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  • First day with my brand new OW. Have to say I love it. I do have one problem, I'm not sure if its user error or something wrong with my OW. When stopping and dismounting the OW will try and take off. Also if its on its side when i try the jump method the wheel will continue to be energized and even change directions by itself. I ate it a few times today and even when only my rear foot was on the board it kept going. I do plan on calling customer support tomorrow but any advise or possible advise would be appreciated.
    Thanks, Dave


  • @619onewheel welcome to the tribe! Dismounts take practice to finesse and it sounds like (happened to me all the time) when trying to get your foot off the rider detect area to disengage, it's still on there enough to keep the board activated. Get the foot mostly off (I kinda shimmy my foot up toward the nose and then roll up onto the outside edge of the shoe) and that should do it. When dismounting by jumping off, if you don't dismount with even pressure, its possible (still happens to me) that for a brief moment you put more pressure on the back foot while the front foot is still on its pad- which is telling OW to back up- so when you leap off, that backward momentum continues for what should be a very short distance (a couple feet at most) before OW realizes you're off the rider detect area, automatically cuts off and comes to a stop. Hence the illusion of the board being possessed and having a mind of its own. It's actually performing as it should, and as you master dismounts you'll see less of that.

  • in the beginning find a little patch of grass balance and then then load your thighs and jump back. Alf of times i can keep the board from even falling on its side. I also found its a million times easier to get your foot off one sensor when wearing skateboard shoes. the first couple times i had the board i thought it was going to be impossible to slide my foot off. Im also a big guy 5'11 240

  • @619onewheel This has also happened to me a few times(at the beginning).. one of which my OW took off about 15 feet into an intersection along with one of my flip flops(talk about embarrassing) .. THANK GOD there was no cars in intersection as the light had just turned green and both directions clearly seen my ass fly off as it took off from under my feet... It seems to only happen when wearing flip flops + jumping dismount for me which I have since stopped wearing/doing and it has magically stopped happening.. proper board shoes are a MUST IMO.. it will keep happening unless you figure out why.. if not your shoes or how your dismounting it then you must have a sensor issue that needs to be addressed before your not so lucky!

  • @GlueBreath & @619onewheel , Agreed.....if it is not a sensor device issue then it is likely sensor coverage/contact and better shoes will make for a better ride.

  • After I replaced my footpads and sensors my boards would continue to go for several feet before stopping. Now that I have a couple of months riding on the new footpads the runaway issue has stopped. I think it's the new sensors do not disengage immediately but after some use they break in and runaway boards stop. I am one of the original kickstarter backers and have been riding for almost two years now and definitely could tell the difference with the new footpads.

  • @jim Good info. That got me thinking about when my OW was day 1 new. Here is a video showing the run away (continued run) once the rider is off. This only happened once or twice.
    Run On Vid

  • @jim thanks for the info! That would explain why it only seemed to happen after the first few rides with a relatively new OW.. I just got new foot pads delivered after the grip tape started peeling up near the sensor after first week of riding.. gonna re grip tape my current pads as I now realize it's possible but I'll keep that in mind when I go to replace them in the future... Out of curiosity how's your board running after nearly 2 years? Other then replacing foot pads.. I think that's awesome that you kept it this long and didn't sell it.

  • @GlueBreath All five of my boards are working well. I did have a battery failure on board #224 and #1709 sounds like the bearing is going bad. Otherwise all boards are in good working order! I ride almost every day and have several extra boards so my friends can ride too!!!

  • @jim you sound like a very good friend to have😜😜

  • @619onewheel
    Hey man, welcome!

    Looks like you may be having the same issue I had with a "ghost riding" one wheel projectile sans rider. Plus lifting the foot halfway of the sensor seemed to take forever to disengage or outright refuse. The board just felt and operated differently from what I was reading and viewing online.

    You need a new sensor pad.

    Contact FutureMotion and explain what's going on. I waited about a month until after I got mine to contact FM and express my concern. I filmed the behavior and explained in detail what was going on. They agreed it wasn't right and sent me a new sensor pad.

    The board is NIGHT and DAY.
    Quick disengagement with heel off the sensor dismount and if you jump off it STOPS immediately.

  • @jim
    For bearing maintenance I would apply a skateboard bearing oil after every 100 miles. They also have a bearing cleaning oil that pushes the dirt out. You apply several drops then ride on clean pavement, then stop and wipe around the bearing and repeat until its clean. I noticed one of my bearings is made in Japan and the other in China.

  • @Santoki thanks for the info, I contacted future motion today and they asked me to video the events. I did ride for a bit today and had a friend try and I have definitely gotten better at the dismount, but it still tried to run on after dismount. It's very odd because it will do a burn out when your holding the board to try and stop it. The motor is defiantly staying engaged. The hard part is trying to get a video. Sounds like it may be go pro on the helmet time.

  • @jim it does seem to becoming less frequent the more I ride. Possibly technique but still dissent seem right. Not sure if it's what you experienced but my board will actually spin the wheel so aggressively when trying to catch it it does a burn out. Going to get a video and send it to FM. It is only two days old....

  • @619onewheel Yep. Again most def sounds like the issue I was having. A new pad fixed it. Get it on video and you should be good.

  • So Crazy thing... The OW just started acting normal. Super odd, didn't do anything except keep riding it. I did see a few posts about the sensor pad "breaking in" so i guess that's what ill call it. Or could chalk it up to technique...

  • @619onewheel
    My sensor pads are getting old but work perfect.
    I'm afraid of replacing them for that reason.
    If it ain't broke, don't fix it..

  • @sonny123 said in Run away OW:

    My sensor pads are getting old but work perfect.
    I'm afraid of replacing them for that reason.
    If it ain't broke, don't fix it..

    You're right man! A friend of mine had the same issue like you guys! I've got it on video that i'll post asap. This new gen of footpad are really dangerous and seems lower quality.
    it is very worrisome...

  • @fabuz said in Run away OW:

    This new gen of footpad are really dangerous and seems lower quality.
    it is very worrisome...

    Really? That's bad news!

  • @fabuz

    I don't think so. Occasionally you may run into a bad one and change it.
    They do recommend to change it after a certain mileage.
    But then when it feels fine and broken in, why mess with it?
    So I won' touch mine until it goes bad.

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