onewheel freewheels downhill on anything over 8% (4-degree) grade.

  • I've had the OW for a month or so. The primary rider is a 12yo, but I use it on occasion. We are both fairly proficient and can ride singletrack on it, but ridden primarily on the street. We are GPS freaks, so I know it's had about 12 miles on it and 11 charging cycles. I am OCD about LiFePO4 maintenance (well, all li-ion) and it has never been close to fully-discharged.

    We have no problem uphill and on flats. I have ridden our street (3-4 degree steeps) uphill up to 12mph, so says my GPS.

    Now, my son (80lbs) rode the OW to his bus-stop with me following on foot. The downhill grade is 2-4 degrees. He is making wide sweeps from edge to edge of the street, say 30-feet. Even on the sweeps the OW would simply cease to produce ANY resistance when lifting the front foot, back foot down. He does the 90-degree hop off and it spins like a top and stops. The OW just freewheels and scrubs the rear bumper (well, the back foot bumper). No resistance/regen.

    I went down to meet him at the bus stop today on the OW and it did the same. Now, I am 6'2" and 220lbs.

    Ostensibly, I could understand it given my size, or some ridiculous grade where the bumper was close to the pavement in a riding stance. This is a pretty mild grade and the OW cannot remotely hack it.

    Now, it bombs uphill. I don't think it has anything to do with output.



  • Lest I forget... digital shaping of extreme on flats; elevated uphill; classic downhill. It still rubs the back-bumper in classic (5-10 seconds), but less so than in extreme (immed.).

  • @becket I'm wondering if doing downhill on a full charge is the problem. The few times I rode downhill after a full charge, the full battery pushback kicked in, so I rode it uphill for a bit to discharge battery and then it was fine (I didn't experience what you did, however). If that's not the issue then maybe you need replacement footpads.

  • Are you riding down hill with a fully charged battery? If so the regen braking can over charge the batt and shut down the OW.

  • Sounds like you've got a battery issue for sure. Have you watched the blue power button after this happens to see how many times it blinks? This will correspond to an error code, my guess is that it thinks it's overcharged. If it feels like it's impossible to push down the front foot, and it's always pushing you back to the rear bumper while going downhill (extreme pushback), then that's what you've got going on.

    Does it do the same thing when riding down hill after the battery has been drained a bit, or are you only seeing it after a fresh charge?

  • AHHHH, that has got to be it. The protection-circuitry. DUH! Thanks all! (And yes, it is fully-charged).

  • @becket I'd stop using classic. A lot has been written about it in this forum, and I agree with the comments that unless you're just doing the very slowest and most basic type of riding, classic mode is actually dangerous and non-intuitive. I ride extreme mode most all the time, and only switch to elevated when doing skate park-type riding, or when I'm doing steep downhill and banking up on the sides (grass lawns).

  • @jordo I haven't had the app long enough to have a valid sample, so I will ride it down to 80% or so and try the downhill tomorrow and reply. Thanks for the advice, peeps!

  • @groovyruvy Today was the first time we'd ever used classic. I am the only rider with the app on my 6S Plus, and I only rode it in classic (minutes ago) before my second post. I was curious if classic would offer more resistance on the back foot.

    Feel pretty dumb as it should've occurred to me that the protection circuity would kick-in on a full charge and under "braking."

  • @becket don't feel dumb, there's plenty of us that had to learn a lot about what to do (and not to do) by searching through this forum. For any of your family members that don't have the app, they can change the riding mode manually by laying the OW on its side (balanced on its rail) with the power button facing up. Turn the power on and you'll see either 2 blinks (Classic), 3 blinks (Extreme), or 4 blinks (Elevated). If it's not in the mode you want, press the blue section of grip tape (the foot sensor) to cycle through the modes. @groovyruvy is absolutely right, Classic is dangerous. All 3 of my kids including my 7 y/o daughter ride in Extreme, much more stable overall.

  • @jordo great information. Thank you for sharing it.

  • @groovyruvy riding downhill with full charge iz a problem yes! This can damage your awesome battery life! You have to avoid that!!!

  • i def think it adds a more resistance and breaking on the back foot.

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