Forest ride with camera in the back

  • I did some riding yesterday in central park of Espoo Finland, but put the camera on the rear this time. Previously I've always taped the camera on the nose of the board. It worked pretty well and seeing the board does add some coolness to it. Even though the video description says so, I guess people don't realize what vehicle is in question until it's right there visible in every frame of the video. I still need to work on the fastening of the camera as a lot of the shaking of these clips is just due to the loose mounting.

    ... and no, I don't like selfie sticks. Showing the board is cool, filming myself is less necessary (a very Finnish attitude :)

  • @PatricFIN nice vid', nice trail but no video sound?

  • @fabuz Its because finland is magical.. there are no sounds in the forrest! ;D

  • @BadWolf If a bird stjirps, but there is no one to hear it, did it make a sound?

  • True no sound.

    I mix these vids usually with MS Movie Maker and my default output is without sound as most of my videos are from quad flights. Those things are really noisy and a quiet video tends to be better than one with 4x 20A motors screaming right next to the HD camera.

    Onewheel is naturally way more quiet than a race quad, but the sound still is of lesser significance. I could add some music, but that would then be without (c), which basically is wrong. And the tunes that youtube offers for free ... :-p

  • @Polle said in Forest ride with camera in the back:

    @BadWolf If a bird stjirps, but there is no one to hear it, did it make a sound?

    Of course it does.

    Except in Finland.. becuse Santa and magic.

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