I nearly died!

  • I exaggerate. But I did get past pushback going 20mph+.....until I nosedived.

    Didn't wipe out though. Managed to stay on the onewheel, a wobbly mess nosediving multiple times as I fought for control haha.

    I honestly can't say the pushback was too hard to get by. But as I was regaining my control pushback must kick back in because slowing down/regaining control was the very hard part.

    It was most definitely an adrenaline filled ride. Surprised I didn't fall off to be honest. It actually didn't feel like I was going to fall off either though, as odd as that sounds. I guess I just believed in myself that I could recover control.

  • That's all you gotta do. I know it sounds like a cheesy cat poster, but it's true.

  • @Tylermon Good job! maybe you are a experienced surfer/boarder/...?

  • @Polle snowboarder, but I want to try surfing haha. Kite surfing in particular. But that's for another day :P

  • Purposely pushing your board beyond the push back is actually a pretty fun thing to do once you get the feel of it and are padded and prepared. It's like an extra challenge and not really too hard to survive since it's the unexpected over-correcting panic that would normally toss you. Always good for an instant spike in your blood pressure. Similar to the exhilaration of other sports where you know you will either wipeout or land it and be stoked. If you are ready for it and in the right place it's pretty exciting.

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