Mileage.. Grass v street??

  • I've been having trouble with my onewheel out of the box. Had to do many 48 hour charges to get it running at all.

    Contacted support and I'm in process of returning.

    My question is. What mileage does everyone get on grass compaired to street or Tarmac riding. ?

    With a weeks charging and a faulty battery I've got from 5 mins run time to now 30 mins of run time. On grass only.
    I'm a snowboarder and find grass riding to be the same as a powder day.

    Most I've ever had on short grass was 2.7 miles.

    Tonight I decided to go on a completely flat Tarmac path and just ride until low battery push back. I got 5.5 miles!!!

    Does off road really affect the battery that much?

    Thanks in advance

  • @thehoff in general, the harder the riding surface, the better mileage you'll get. Softer surfaces require OW to exert more force and that takes juice. When I ride sand or thicker grass I see a reduction in ride time / distance. Hard packed dirt or asphalt is about the same. If I'm just doing a low-speed cruise (which I never do) on asphalt I get 7+ miles. A typical ride on thicker grass or softer dirt more like 5 or 5.5 miles. An aggressive ride (fast / deep, sweeping turns) on asphalt I can get 6-7 miles. Your 5.5-mile ride on flat tarmac sounds pretty decent. If it was a mellow cruise you should be getting more (like 6-7 miles), if you were riding harder, 5.5 miles may be about right.

  • @groovyruvy thanks for the reply. You know my story with the battery. The ride was a steady cruise with some carving. Wasn't fast as it was first time on the scary hard stuff!! I was thinking that it still was not enough mileage as the motor was under hardly any stress at all compaired to grass riding

  • I don't ride strictly grass long enough to kill a full charge but if I do a full battery on the street(5-10% remaiing) and I often get over 6 miles.

  • @thehoff I can tell that I lose a little bit of range when I am riding on grass opposed to blacktop. If the terrain is extremely bumpy or I am pushing it really hard off-road I see a significant drop in distance unless I have some hills to recharge on.

  • @ahxe45 had it out today. Used on a mix of grass and smooth Tarmac and some small hills. Still getting 25 mins and just under 3 miles. Looking forward to getting it repaired

  • @thehoff Yeah I at least get 4-5 miles when I am just off-roading. Sorry you have to send it back but at least you got to experience how awesome Onewheel actually is. Or maybe that is a bad thing because now you will know what your missing. Either way keep us updated on how the return goes and how long it takes to get the board back.

  • @ahxe45 yeah.. I get second day snowboard legs after each ride.. After 20 years snowboarding I have finally found the perfect leg trainer. I will post my progress on here.. Cheers dude

  • From my experience..

    • Tall, clumpy grass will eat the battery.
    • Shorter/even/smoother grass will drain it fast but not as fast.
    • Smooth hard surfaces (asphalt, concrete, hard dirt) will drain the battery the least.
    • Downhill roads will feed the battery.

  • @groovyruvy after a week of charging and FM booked to pick my board up on Wednesday, I was out for my final ride before packing it up in the shipping box.. I got 6.3 miles on a ride around the town. Only stopped once to answer the usual question.. Was going nearly an hour!! Looks like my battery is getting better every couple of rides.. I think I should still send it back incase the battery dies a few months down the road. The shop I bought it from is lending me their demo model until my board is returned. Legends!!

  • @thehoff It's strange how it seems like the board keeps getting better and better. I guess the cells were extremely unbalanced and it would shut down when one of the cells voltage got too low maybe? But you are definitely making the right call sending it back. It's not worth the risk and it makes the decision even easier that you will still have a board to ride while you wait. That shop is pretty awesome for letting you borrow it.

  • @ahxe45 yeah.. The shop is awesome..guys are great, they are in the uk and I'm in Ireland so it's a lot of hassle for they to post it to me for a few weeks. They are going to carry parts and maybe do services soon, great news for uk onewheelers

  • @thehoff That would be great for customers overseas, save you guys a lot of money.

  • @ahxe45 we pay a lot more for the onewheel in the uk.. It works out the same in £ as $ .. So it's a big decision to buy one with no uk support. Until you ride one that is.. Once I had my first ride, I totally forgot about the price if it.. Price will keep it exclusive in think.

  • i ride mostly on grass and have never made it to 3 miles on a full charge. i am satisfied with this mileage considering the performance of the board.

  • @mrb thanks for the info.. What mileage do you get on the Tarmac or road? Thanks in advance

  • @thehoff where i ride, there are no roads. ~2.9mi is the best i have gotten.

  • @ahxe45 0_1471381772670_image.png 0_1471381826525_image.png check out tonight's mileage!!

    Going to hang onto the board and see how it goes! 7.1 miles

  • @ahxe45 it was just a gently ride around the streets staying off the grass

  • That is usually the typical range I get for just riding around the streets.

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