Board randomly powers off while riding.

  • @jmh hang in there man. When OW is working well, there's nothing else like it. With that said I don't understand why you'd have to pay shipping if it's brand-new and arrived defective- they should cover that and they probably will- from what I've heard they're good to deal with and are fair, so unless you damaged it (which you didn't) I wouldn't expect to pay shipping. Also from what I'm seeing in this forum you'll have the board back faster than 6-8 weeks.

  • @jmh a cross ship of a new board would have been a better solution with a hold on your credit card. Did you order online? If not I would take it back to the store you bought it from.

  • Honestly I just wish I could get my money back it doesn't instill a lot of confidence knowing that I'm getting a repaired defective board back for that much money. Gonna take a long time to get over thinking it's just gonna randomly die and throw me off the front.

  • @jmh I would call them back and tell them you want to do a cross ship. This is very common they put a temp charge on your card for 1500 once they get your board they refund it.
    that way you get a new board and they can deal with yours. There such a young company they should be willing to do these things to keep customer satisfaction high/

  • I don't have another 1500 dollars to tie up in this mess.

  • @jmh if you get a refund, then all you got was really pissed off...for free. It sucks for sure, but the joy of riding this machine will make it all melt away. Let @Future-Motion make it right, which I know they will. And it won't take 6-8 weeks...

    We've seen this a couple times on the forum, always gets sorted out. If you stop and think about it, you're only this pissed off because you were soooo excited to ride it. It'll be worth it, trust us!

  • @jmh

    If the board needed service upon receiving, they should cover shipping.
    You need to insist on that and they're top at CS from everything I've heard.
    3 weeks turn around is the norm.

  • @jmh I drove my board through a lot of water a few weeks after getting it and fried the battery. I got it back from service in under 2 weeks and did not pay a cent. You do need to be proactive with communications but they were a pleasure to deal with and I feel they went the distance to make sure I got it back as quickly as possible.

  • My problem with the entire process is that I did nothing wrong. The board came defective out of the box, I do not want a repaired defective board I want the fully functioning new onewheel that I paid for. I contacted them within 12 hours of receiving the onewheel. I have serious concerns about a company that won't stand behind its product for even 12 hours. Every time I contact them all I get is comments that I may have to pay for shipping and that they might replace it or possibly repair it if I'm not found at fault. They did firmly tell me that they would under no circumstance refund my money and that my only way of recovering any money would be to sell it at a loss on their forum. It's been some of the worst customer service I have ever received and I definitely wish I would have gone with one of the other electric board options.

  • @jmh what was wrong with your board? Mine never worked out of the box but with a weeks charging it's going for 20 mins. Waiting to hear what they are going to do about it. Sending back from Ireland will be a nightmare

  • @thehoff sorry to hear your having problems with your board also. My board would just randomly power off while riding and would not power back on without plugging it into the charger. I put in a ticket and asked for them to replace my board since it was defective from the factory. I sent it back and they just contacted me and told me they will ship me a new one in about a week. As far as I know I haven't been charged anything extra, I'll update again if anything changes. Not sure how international shipping would come into play but it's worth contacting them to find out.

  • @jmh nice one.. Hope you enjoy the new board.. My board has decided to play ball.. After many 48hour charges it is getting better and better with use.. Last week i squeezed 5 miles and 40 mins out of the battery. This week my son banged in 9 miles and well over an hour running time.. FM have asked me to stick with it and report any drop in battery. I'm happy to do this as It means I won't be without it. They have extended my warranty and we replace if I'm not happy.

  • @jordo Agreeing with Jordo here! I had to send mine in for repair after only having mine a month when I first got it...some bugs weren't worked out of it. Mainly the blue lining on the foot pads to mark where the sensor is on the foot pad. When mine first came it didn't have one of those so was pretty sketch riding it. But yes, @jmh don't give up! Once it is back you will love it!! And won't wanna stop riding! Mine was sent in for a tune-up last week and I should have it back by next week. They were suppose to give me an update this week on it, cause I wanted it in time for this weekend but most likely won't be here till next week.

  • Update. Still having problems with future motion. After finally getting them to agree to replace my onewheel they stated that it should ship out within one week. About two weeks after that i contacted onewheel to request a status on my board and they stated that it was shipping that day. Its been over three weeks now and I haven't heard anything from one wheel no shipment notification or tracking number. They did send me a notice that my ticket had been resolved and closed which seems dumb considering I have not received my board and have no idea what is going on. Today makes 27 days since i first contacted them about problems with my board so my original estimate of 6-8 weeks is starting to look pretty good.

  • @jmh frustrating, and seems unusual based on my personal experience with FM, and the comments from others in this forum. As they're stocked on boards not sure why you don't have your replacement already.

  • Call them, there's a number at the bottom of the website. They say "in stock" on the website but it took almost two weeks to get a tracking number.

  • @groovyruvy nope, their service and customer service is pretty crappy, not surprised.

  • @parrothd that's a bummer!

  • Update. Today I was excited to receive my new replacement onewheel since the first one was defective from the factory and onewheel had agreed to replace it with a brand new one. I opened the box and it was exactly the same defective onewheel that I sent in over a month ago. If anyone is reading this I would absolutely recommend not buying a product from this company. I feel that I've been lied to right from the start and that they will go to whatever means necessary to keep from giving me a working product or refund. I'm not sure whats going to happen at this point but I am hoping to somehow get a refund and get away from this mess even though I doubt that's going to happen.

  • @jmh have you tested on the board? Maybe they fixed it and sent you back the one you bought?

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