Wheel cable rubbing rim (frame cable)

  • 0_1470953270787_image.jpeg )Tire cord rubbing rim(not valve side)
    Does anyone else have this cable that runs to the metal bracket on inner rim rubbing? There seems to be no clearance for wheel to spin freely without the cable contacting the rim. You can see the silver line where its worn a groove in the rim.

  • @frotozoa

    Can you post more clearer pictures?
    It's hard to tell.

  • @frotozoa I just looked at my OWs and both have the cable run to the metal bracket positioned so there's a very small gap between the top edge and the rim, no rubbing. Did it maybe dislodge during a wipe, or maybe the metal attachment got tweaked?

  • @groovyruvy
    maybe that small gap is normal. If yours is the same then maybe im just nitpicking. Its possible that on a run I may have lodged something there momentarily and it caused this. It seems like it would have to be metal and not just some twig etc. Its running smooth now. I just put some oil on the bearings. I wish i could get to the motor bearings though. That would greatly extend the motor life.

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