Random nose dive!!

  • So I was crusing along and next thing I know I'm rolling across the pavement. Had to go to er for stitches in my elbow.

    I love my one wheel but I have no idea why it nose dived on me. I was ridding along. Went to accelerate felt a tad of push back then bam!!! Crash.

    Can anyone shed some light on this as I defiantly do not want this to happen again! I did nothing different then I have in the past. I have to say I am a bit nervous about riding again.

  • @carfanatic were you in Classic mode?

  • No extreeme

  • @carfanatic maybe sounds like you got pitched after the pushback kicked in- happens that way sometimes.

  • @carfanatic
    Early on for me it was hard to keep that foot planted on the sensor. When you lose contact the power goes out as well as your gyro. Because i was leaning forward instead of centered i would inevitably nosedive. You will develop a feel for it. You will know when the gyro shuts off and if you get back on the sensor while your angled down it will take off.
    Sometimes in elevated I lean forward too fast to get the acceleration. Try to do it slower and give the board time to react.

  • I've been riding this thing for months. This is the first time I experienced it. I wish I could pin point what caused it. So I could avoid it again.

  • @carfanatic something similar happened to me. Riding at full speed just below pushback, the board suddenly died and I got pitched. Behind me was a fellow OW rider and they saw the whole thing happen. I asked if my front foot moved off the pad and we both agreed it didn't. Freaked me out as well because it was random- exactly what you don't want on your OW. Contacted support and after emailing pics of my footpads, they surmised it may be a sensor issue. So they sent me (at no charge) replacement footpads. After installing them and shipping back the old pads to OW (at their expense, so they could evaluate- although whatever they found wasn't shared with me), I've had no issues.

  • I currently have a defective one wheel that just randomly powers off causing me too take a couple nose dives. I've read a couple other posts that sound like the same thing. Seems like it is a pretty common problem. I've got a support case going and just shipped my onewheel back I'll update as soon as I hear something.

  • @jmh To say that it seems like a "pretty common problem" is a little extreme don't you think? With thousands of Onewheels shipped it seems to be very few that are defective and for a new product I would say that is pretty good. It's not like you bought a piece of crap from China and the company disappeared after they took your money, it sounds like FM is actively trying to fix your problem. I understand that it sucks you just spent $1500 on something that doesn't work out of the box but give them a chance to make it right and I promise you that you won't be disappointed. People have had their boards for a few months to upwards of a year and have ridden thousands of miles and a lot of the consensus on people who think their board shut off was was actually user error. in your case it is not butfor a lot of complaints it definitely was not the boards fault.

  • @groovyruvy Seems like version 2 or an in app revision or something, should tell the user your pad is shit and get a new one. Like it reads a threshold value and tells you it's time for a change.

    The sensor pad is obiviously the linchpin of safety on this device and it would be nice to know when to change it.

    I don't know, just babbling

  • I emailed one wheel. Hoping they can help me out. As a trip to the er and some stitches in my arm. I defiantly don't want this to happen again. But I want to have confidence in riding again

  • I've had my OW for about 3 weeks and had my first nosedive today. I was going about 10mph and went to accelerate and the nose just went straight down into the pavement throwing me forward off the board. I went flying and tumbled. Was pretty scary yet thrilling at the same time. lol. Luckily, I had on a helmet, wrist guards, elbow and knee pads. Had I not I would have been injured. Worst I have is a bruised thumb. I have no idea what caused my accident and shook it off and got right back on. MAJOR KEY ALERT....WEAR PROTECTIVE GEAR! Part of the fun of the OW is it's NOT easy and takes time to master. It's not if it's when you're going to take a fall. It's best to be prepared with safety gear on. It really saved me on my first fall.

  • Great attitude @brifi! Keep getting back on, pretty soon you'll feel that nosedive coming and be able to pull out of it.

  • i had three of these cutouts today between 6 and 10 mi/hr. once in the bumpies where both may have come off the board. i have never had this happen there before.

    are we saying that the board will quit at any speed if you take your foot off the blue?

  • @mrb the OW has 2 sensors. If you take your foot off both, it will stop, at any speed...

  • @mrb Get out of Classic and move to Extreme if you haven't already.

  • Well, this morning I had a flat body plant and happened so fast.
    Not even few feet after I took off, and boom.

    As I rode off afterwards, I thought about what might have happened.

    As I'm progressing, I've noticed I place my feet farther apart to the edges with my front foot at almost 45 degree angle.
    That's enough to be on 1 sensor during regular riding.

    I must've took off while OW not totally engaged under .5 mph and it threw me off.

    Lesson learned. Front foot planted fully at take off and then might angle it slightly as I'm riding.

  • @BriFi large parking lots are great training areas. they really allow you to master all areas of the board.

  • @sonny123 i never angle my front foot i believe this is the reason of so many nose dives on the forums.

  • i've had the board for less than a month with some of crapouts only recently.

    i have always ridden with complete disregard for keeping my front foot planted to keep the board alive.

    i shimmy my feet around, jump to switchfoot, ride with my front foot pointed forward.

    my guess is that these crapouts are hardware failures.

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