New iOS App for the OW – Beta testers wanted

  • Hey OW riders,

    I have some good news for you: A new app for the Onewheel with very useful alarming features is about to be released to the Apple app store.

    As this app provides features which are critical when it comes to riders safety, I decided to start a short beta test phase with 5 experienced everyday riders for the next few days. The duration of this phase is not defined, it will end when the feedback from beta testers tells me that everything is working fine :).

    So if you want to be a beta tester, there are only a few conditions which have to be met:

    • You ride your OW everyday (at least one battery charge a day)
    • You like to give feedback about features, bugs and whatever you think
    • Your up to now riding experience exceeds 200 miles (or 300 km)
    • You really want to have „WheelBuddy” :)

    Let’s come to WheelBuddy’s initial feature set (I‘m also going to post a short video on Youtube about the app, but this is going happen whithin the next few days):

    Safety related (Sound and message alarming – also when the app is in background)

    • Regeneration warning: The regeneration warning tells you when you have to burn battery charge before continuing your ride downwards – otherwise it will shut down and you’re going to eat on whatever you ride
    • Low battery warning: Well, this is self explanatory, it warns you before your Onewheel kicks you off due to a low battery shut down


    • Distance warning: This message suits perfectly when riding a flat track, then it tells you when you pass the point of no return (50% battery charge left)
    • Autoconnect: you can select one Onewheel to which the app should automatically connect (works also when the app is in background)
    • Alias for your Onewheel: This is useful to distinguish your board from others, when riding in a group (Besides it’s also nice to give your Onewheel a name :))
    • Control the Light
    • Select the riding mode
    • See your Onewheel’s movements live on the display (with foot pad sensor display)
    • Fully charged notification: this one is useful to know when it’s time to ride again after getting a charge
    • Swich between imperial and metric units

    Displayed values

    • Battery percentage
    • Current speed
    • Top speed (of the trip)
    • Odometer (trip & total)
    • Current Consumption (Ah)
    • Current Regeneration (Ah)


    This is just the initial set of features, there are many more features plannend like logging and displaying trip data, predicting the range according to your riding profile and much more.

    So if you want be a beta tester and you meet the criteria I mentioned above, just drop me an email with your iPhone’s UDID at and you’ll get the app within next few hours.
    How to find your device’s UDID:
    Remember, only the first 5 riders will get beta access, but for the others: don’t worry we’ll do exhaustive testing and you’ll get the perfectly working app soon available on the app store :)

    Cheers & have a good night,

  • Awesome I can't wait for the finished product.

  • @SeeTheInvisible amazing.. Well done

  • Amazeballs. Looks sweet

  • Great work. I am excited to use it.

  • Yes!!! This is great news! Wish I could beta test, but just picked up my ow this week.

  • hey buddy,

    congratulations - those features seem to be perfect with all the relevant data on just one screen, but what I really do appreciate are those alarms which could save me from looking at my iphone each 5 minutes to avoid a desaster.;-)

    I do fullfill the milage and usage criterias, with two onewheels (556miles and 120miles) and live on the top of a hill, which means that those alarms would be perfect for me.

    also you do have to count me in since compatriots have to be threated prior;-)

    sent you a mail with the details and hope to hear from you soon!

  • Great to hear that you like it.
    In the meanwhile I made a short video of the app:

    @cr4p : Perfect!

  • @SeeTheInvisible can't wait for this. Well done.

  • This app looks amazing! Can't wait until it's available. And I had no idea the Onewheel could detect left-to-right tilt too! Pretty cool.

  • I have now already had about 4 rides using the app - the last two of those rides together with Mr.SeeTheInvisible who introduced me to his awesome tracks yesterday in the evening!;-)

    So alltough I have to admit that I am probably biased, I want to share my experience with the app:

    • First of all: I really love that thing for getting that damn phone out of my hand and let me just focus on the experience of the ride, still beeing able to know all relevant information in an accoustic way (intuitive sounds by the way!)

    • Since I rode on different terrain than usually, I did not yet had the chance to really test the regeneration overcharge alarm, so I can not yet say if this works as it should.

    • The turnaround warning is very useful for me, since I often do trips to explore new tracks and here it is really nice to have an acoustic signal, to indicate that it could be time to turn around if you don´t want to carry. Of course this is only a very rough indication, because it depends on the terrain (up/down), but especially in the streets it is very usefull.

    • the "battery low" acoustic indicator for me is one of my favorite use cases.
      A lot of my rides are estimated in a way that I start with 100% and return with something between 3% and 7%. It is obviously that when I vary my riding style or exploring some side-tracks, it is always risky in terms of stranding somewhere without any battery left. Because of this I frequently had to montor the original OW app when I was getting close to low battery. Now that I have this configureable alarm, my "WheelBuddy" just tells me when it is time to stopy playing and carefully try to get back - all with the phone in my pocket where it belongs too.

    • The "fully charged" alert is funny. If you are close enough to the charging onehweel, it makes a motivating sound when fully charged to let you know its finished. Happend just once to me.

    • Connection: works perfect. It is always connected as soon as I am close to my onewheel. It automatically reconnects (in the background) when I lost connection, because I e.g. walked away

    • Switching between both Onehweels is fine and easy, but I would like to also give an alias to more than my primary OWs to be easily able to distinguish between several OWs when riding in a group (don´t want to remember all those serial numbers)

    • The screens user interface: For me this is all I need.
      I am not into playing with a lot of folderol in an app, I just want to have the most important parameters all on one screen and this is just exactly what it does. Now that I am finally not forced to do so anymore, I never want to look at my phone during the ride. With your app, the only reason for me to look at the screen during a ride is, when I want to see my current trips top speed - a nice feature which I think could be even evolved - more to that later on.


    • I had one bug when swiching of the onwheel during my trip. One of the alarms then notified me at a wrong level - please correct this, because I really have to rely on those alarms, like I normally do. That´s one of the main added values your app provides to me.

    • It happened to me once, that I had the wheel spinning fast on a terrain with a lot of gravel. This led to an top-speed of about 35 km/h which was definitly wrong. Since those stats stay for the whole trip, I therefore loose my "real" top speed. Maybe you could detect/calculate somehow if the wheel is spinning without traction (->unrealistic acceleration?) and then just drop those false values?


    • I would love to have one more additional "critical level" alarm. My use case is the following: I will set the "low battery" alarm to around 15%, this indication will leave enough energy to let me try to find my shortest way back home. I would then configure the "critical level" alarm so somewhere around 3%, so I know I have to take it slow because the OW might switch off at any time (in case I do not feel the empty-battery-pushback, because of riding too hard). For me this would be very helpfull.

    • Additional "trip top speed" motivation - just a funny idea, definitly not a must have
      For me it was interesting to check the top speed every now and then, to see if I can increase it. I think this feature could be extended. Maybe there could also be an accoustic short notification which triggers each time, you have a new top speed, starting above an (configureable) speed level. For example: I configure my "irresponsible top speed motivation level" to 23km/h. The first time I exceed this level, there is a short (intuitive/motivating) sound which indicates that a new trip top speed has been reached. Whenever a new trip top speed has been established, the sound comes again and so on...this way again I wouldn´t have to look at the app during the ride. I would then just check the last trip top speed in the app after the ride.

    • For future development a separate statistics screen would be nice, where I can check the rides stats after the ride (history of speed, incline, km´s, ...)
      eventually in the future even with the possibility to share/compare it with friends or the community (eg "rider board" with top speed of the day, most miles per day, ...)

    As mentioned above, I already love my "WheelBuddy" and I will never ever use the original app again;-)
    In my opinion you just have to fix that bug and you can already release it. New features later on are welcome, but this app is allready by far better then the original one.

    Thanks a lot!!

  • Got the app yesterday, so far it does what its suppose to, and does it great.

    Im also an complete idiot.. I asked for features that was already there, Im just used to have in app settings, not under iphone settings ^^ So that was "fun"....

  • @BadWolf how did you download it?

  • I was wondering if the one wheel logs when pushback occurs i think this would be very helpful for crash reporting in the new bad ass app.
    Also I would like to see a speed warning so you would know your close to push back activation.

  • Can't wait to get my hands on it, let me know if you want a good tester, even though I don't have 200 miles... I'm good at beta testing :)

  • @itwire said in New iOS App for the OW – Beta testers wanted:

    @BadWolf how did you download it?

    Thru SeeTheInvisible as a beta tester =)

  • @SeeTheInvisible Hello! I would like to try Wheel Buddy if you still have room for another tester. I have two OW's with 500 and 200 miles. Thank you.

  • @dcosmos said in New iOS App for the OW – Beta testers wanted:

    @SeeTheInvisible Hello! I would like to try Wheel Buddy if you still have room for another tester. I have two OW's with 500 and 200 miles. Thank you.

    Mail him as instructed :)

  • Thanks. I need to get The UDID also

  • me test--me test!

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