New iOS App for the OW – Beta testers wanted

  • I used car tire puncture repair spray on my Onewheel.. its some kind of rubber spray that makes up another layer inside the tire.. so far seems to work great to fix the leaks I had.. I had to refill my tire 1-2 times a week, now I dont know how long since I refilled it.. a month? 2?

  • @Wouter do you have a android cellphone? download the POWheel app, much better than the original FM-app and it shows the km's made... If you have apple, the app in this topic will provide you also, but costs €5 if I'm correct.
    Yeah, FM always is a bit optimistic in their deadlines... So wouldn't count on that.
    I don't think taking the wheel off should be a big problem, and I would prefer to switch tires at a local tiredealer.
    You are located in Leuven? I'm not the most technical guy either, but if you need some help, I would be glad to spend an afternoon helping, and go for a cruise afterwards...

  • @Polle Thans man, for the offer! I'll do some more research and will keep you posted. Either way: cruising together at some point would nice.
    Don't have an Android cell phone but will check the iOS app.
    With respect to the FM: my experience is that they've been responsive but dealers around here do not seem all that happy.. I suspect FM is trying to keep up with demand, and they're giving priority to their direct customers (as opposed do their dealers)?

  • @Wouter yup thats the slime.. I highly recommend it..

  • @njcustom Thanks!
    That's this kinda thing:
    You'd recommend its use even for a tire that has started to degenerate as much as mine? Or you're referring mostly to emergency situations...?
    Also, you are selling fenders? I am looking for one but availability of the FM offer is low in Europe.. Not sure if I've seen a link to a website of yours but can't seem to find it right away..

  • @Polle The app is convenient! Learned me that my earlier estimate for the mileage on my first tire was a tad too enthusiastic: 1100km instead of 1500-2000.

  • @SaturnOne Anyway a lot for half a year of riding...
    here is the link for the fender

  • @SeeTheInvisible - do you think it would be possible to add a Footpad diagnostic function? The idea would be to put the app into a mode where it recorded the footpad output until you exited the mode. You could then look back and see if either of the sensors showed off while you were doing a test ride. I don't have the app personally (j/b 7.2 lol) not sure if you are logging data or if it could even be accessed in ios .

    I brought it up because someone in another thread was saying they replace their footpads every 3 or so months cause he is worried about them failing, Maybe the app could be used to detect an intermittently failing footpad? I know you can see it in the app but that does not work for what I am asking because the glitch could possibly happen in a split sec while you are looking where you are going.

  • @wr420 Seems to me that even if the sensors showed that they turned off at some point during your ride, it would be difficult to know if that was a sensor issue, or just basic moving of the feet. In the videos I've shot, I noticed I constantly lift my heel when I ride, so a sensor check might lead me to believe the heel sensor is failing, but it's not.

  • @thegreck - first, I totally agree that under normal riding most peoples feet move around a bit and one(or both, oh no) of the sensors may go off from that. My theory was that you would ride with the intention of testing the sensors, so get your feet into a decent position and leave them there. Ride fast, slow, go over a few bumps. Basically riding with the intention of keeping your feet firmly on the sensors and then check to see if they behaved the way you thought. If you start to see abnormalities then you could look into replacing pads instead of just replacing them every X amount of time. For all we know the pads on the board are fine and they could be replaced with a new defective part causing a problem instead of solving one.

    My thinking was that over .5 MPH only one sensor is required to keep the OW alive. If you could catch one doing things that seemed odd you could replace the pad before you run into a situation where one sensor is intermittently failing and the other turns off from leaning/moving feet.

    And yes I agree that its hard to know if the senor turned off because of a failure or because of movement but if you did the test a few times, paying attention to your feet being on the sensors a pattern may be able to be seen.

    Honestly I've never had an issue with sensors my self, I was just asking cause of what i read in another tread.

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