New iOS App for the OW – Beta testers wanted

  • cool - looking forward to seeing it in the app store

  • This app is bad ass! Trust me people!! Your going to want it... Thank you @SeeTheInvisible

  • Today I have already seen a mockup screenshot from the GUI improvements with some of the optimization other beta testers suggested - looks even better;-)

    It seems like this guy quickly adapts to our feedback!

  • @cr4p said in New iOS App for the OW – Beta testers wanted:

    It seems like this guy quickly adapts to our feedback!

    Just like Future Motion! ;)

  • i hope this is available soon.

  • Any update on when this will be available yet?

  • The app is coming along nicely, it'll be worth the wait!

  • @itwire Great idea

  • @McFly said in New iOS App for the OW – Beta testers wanted:

    Any update on when this will be available yet?

    today I received an intermediate release between two beta versions (to try something out which I reported previously), which was already titled "pre version" and andy ( @SeeTheInvisible ) wrote within the mail that (unless something unexpected happens) he thinks that he will send out the last beta before the final release today or tomorrow.
    since this version worked exeptionally well, I guess it can be only a matter of days until the final version will be in the app store - just depending on how fast apple releases the app. but anyhow, we should better give him the time he needs to finish what he wants to do...;-)

    as some of you may know from my previous posts, I am focusing more on the acoustical features (to experience the ride without my phone in my hands). some of the other beta testers are giving a lot of feedback about GUI improvements, additional values and features. that´s a great combination - it is very impressive to see, how each version develops. andy really is a talented guy!
    I think I already received about 4 beta versions (and about 2 intermediate versions to test a bugfix or so) - each version with a lot of really nice improvements, new little features and better look and feel.

    while everything of the initial features already works perfect for me (iPhone5), I had a very nice new experience today with the last version of the app which I would like to share with you:
    until now, I considered OWheelBuddy as a "security app with all relevant information" which makes me feel comfortable during my ride.
    but the last version had two little features which gave me a constant smile during the rides - it really added more fun to that thing!

    you can now activate a feature called "wheelslip detection".
    this feature not only drops those (wrong) values resulting from a free spinning wheel (slippery surface) and therefore keeps your top speed values accurate, it also makes a nice sound each time it detects the wheel slipping. this led to a kind of game for me - whenever I moved on to some slippery surface (gras, dirt uphill, gravel, ...) I tried to give my best with accelerating ("burnout") to trigger that funny sound;-)

    also another new feature ("new top speed message") enables rewarding sounds. each time you exceed your personal top speed, it notifies you about that. I felt like a child again, trying to improve my top speed;-)

    what about the other testers, whats your experience so far?

  • @cr4p thanks for the info, I'm jealous now and can't wait for the release of the app.

  • @cr4p Sounds amaaaaazing!

  • Wow, can't wait to try this! Looks like you already have enough testers, but if not, I'd be happy to help.

  • New top speed sounds like "new skinned knee" forum will be needed

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL
    haha, you are right, one should think twice before activating this feature, but I like it;-)

    It is a little bit crazy indeed, changing the settings to make it a "risk app" whilst beeing a "security app";-)
    anyhow I would like to see more of those features in future releases, e.g. a "revert detection" or simmilar...@SeeTheInvisible could make a separate (inactive be default) settings section like "irresponsible settings";-)

  • It's accomplished, finally OWheelBuddy has to be released by Apple. It's in Apple's hands since about 5 minutes, so if everything goes well, it will be available shortly.

    A quick overview what the first release contains:


    It warns you, celerates new top speeds with you and tells you other things which you may want to know when riding the awesome Onewheel.

    • Low battery alert
    • Regeneration alert (battery overcharge warning when going downhill)
    • Point of no return message (50% battery charge left)
    • Battery fully charged notification
    • New top speed message
    • Wheelslip detection (to not mess up your top speed)
    • Consumption display: tells you how much percentage of a full battery charge you have burned
    • Regeneration display: tells you how much percentage of a full battery charge you have regenerated (when going downhill or braking)
    • Total odometer display
    • Board live movement display: shows the movement of your board
    • Auto connect to your favorite Onewheel
    • Board name: give your Onewheel a name
    • Internal values display (Temperatures, voltages ...)
    • Simple social sharing

    OWheelBuddy supports metric and imperial units.

    Future versions of OWheelBuddy will also offer trip logging (with GPS) and much more.

    To the compatibility: the oldest iPhone OWheelBuddy works with is the iPhone 4s. It also works on the iPod Touch 5th Gen and newer iPod Touch devices.

    if you wonder why it's name has changed from WheelBuddy to OWheelBuddy -> WheelBuddy is already occupied on the US app store (Wheelchair user app).

    Thank you all for your support!

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  • @SeeTheInvisible I guess we'll find out soon enough, but did you mention price?

    Also, I searched WheelBuddy and nothing came up, so maybe the name is still available? Or else you barely missed it and they uploaded just before you.

  • This is slick. Wish it was available for Android!

  • Will it be available in the Canadian App Store?

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