New iOS App for the OW – Beta testers wanted

  • @MichaelW, @thegreck :
    So far I know, the only thing the the "riding goofy" setting changes, is the right animation of the onweheel. try pressing the sensor and it will be visualized on the right onewheel - you see a foot there. all it currently does is changing the side how the foot is displayed on the sensor;-)

    but you´ll never know what he is going to implement next,;-)
    might be usefull to track something.

  • @MichaelW if you look at the Board graphic it shows which scenor you are touching.. Goofy and regular will have different toe and heal positions

  • @Wrex turn on the wheel spin detection!! If you don't turn this on then top speeds can be false (faked) because it will record the speed of wheelspin after a bad dismount..

    Looking forward to seeing real top speeds posted. I had 26mph on this app until,I turned the wheelspin detection on!!

    (I am not saying your top speed is fake) 😜

  • @thehoff said in New iOS App for the OW – Beta testers wanted:

    Looking forward to seeing real top speeds posted.

    yesterday (pre-beta) I had a top speed of 32kmh (19.8mph). It was very interesting for me, because the last months I just rode elevated mode, and there I was not able to exceed 27kmh (16.7mph). @SeeTheInvisible told me to try extreme, which I did and I was suprised to find out for myself that the difference beteen extreme and elevated is not just the different angle of the board, but also extreme´s ability to by far more easy push the top speed...


  • @cr4p You really go that fast? Did you check via other channels? I cannot exceed 25 km/h on my OW...

  • This is by far the best thing that has happened to my Onewheel since the fender. Thank you! 🏆

  • Btw, I'm on iOS 10 and it works great. No issues so far.

  • App works great! It's definitely well thought out.

    Future enhancement requests:
    Estimated charge time remaining.
    Estimated range remaining.

    Obviously both would have to be self adjusting estimates but it would still pretty handy. If you were feeling fancy, you could keep historical information about average miles per charge, like a car's historical mpg.

  • @cr4p You must be riding in a pretty hilly area! My battery regen on my work commute was just 2%.

  • @thehoff Well this has only been on concrete, thus far. But I read something somewhere that made me not want to turn on WD just yet, I just don't remember off top of my head what or why, lol.


    Oh you mentioned bad dismount. Yeah I know those have happened. ROFL.

    I'll turn it on next outing.

  • @Wrex cool. I'm heading out tomorrow hopefully for about 20 miles. I'll get some good data to analyse

  • i was able to reach a burst of 16.9mph on my first pass.

    on every ride since that the bluetooth craps out at around 13 and most of the ride is spent 'connecting' with very few readings here and there.

    the Bluetooth Low Energy has maintained a connection with the official program from what i've seen but i'd guess the failure is with my board. i'm using an Iphone 5 with tested bluetooth and holding it about 4ft from the board when i ride.

    does anyone else have this issue or is it my board only?

  • @mrb strange. I have found the wheel buddy app has slightly longer range than my official app. Maybe only by a foot or so.
    I went out tonight to practice switch at my local cricket ground. Grass has just been cut short for tomorrow's game. So I thought I'd wind her up and see what I could get. Still slightly nervous after my full speed nosedive last week on Tarmac and hand, leg and knee still have large scabs.

    First run was 13mph then second was 14.9mph. So I pushed thru pushback and got 15.9mph. I have no need to ever go faster than that. 0_1472243162656_image.png

  • @mrb Could it be possible that you had running the app from Future Motion and OWB at the same time? This would be the only case wich could cause connection issues (The OW can handle just one connection).

    @FeralBoy13 Yeah, your requests are aligned with my plans (a display as you get from every "modern" car's board computer) ;)

    @Polle I think we can rely on the speed as long as wheel slip detection is turned on. The app does the calculation based on the wheel diameter which I have calculated according to manufacturerers specifications and the rotations per minute reported from the OW (I have also veryfied the wheel diameter with an old school measuring tape ...).

    Regarding top seeds: this value depends on your skill and of course on rider's weight, but if you ride on a track which is just slightly downhill, you can get really awesome top speeds, of course, it might hurt sometimes :)

    So let me just announce the last update for this week before I'm going to Italy for a short break - the update has just been submitted to Apple for their release:

    Fix: App crash which rarely happened when opening settings while connected to your OW.
    Fix: Social sharing on iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 fixed (snapshot size was wrong).
    Fix: Speed display could get misaligned after wheel slip was detected while the app is in background.
    Fix: Goofy mode was not displayed properly (heel and toe were exchanged).
    Change: Absolute top speed now displayed with 2 digits after the separator in the details page of your OW.
    Change: Wheel slip detection is now per default turned on.
    Change: "New top speed" message only gets triggered for speeds exceeding 20 km/h or 12.5 mph (to avoid spamming the notification screen when riding the first time with the message turned on).
    Feature: The consumption and regeneration value labels are slightly flickering now to indicate updates (so you can better see whether if your board is consuming or regenerating energy while riding).
    Feature: As a safety measure, you can't change the riding mode while your board indicates more than 10 km/h or 6 mph speed.
    Feature: Average speed is now also displayed (Click anywhere on the speed label to toggle between top speed and average speed of your trip).

  • @thehoff crazy style to leave your board, looks like you had a crash :)

  • @thegreck : I live on a little hill. If I want to ride to the city, I first have to burn immediatly 3% and later on another 15% by riding uphill. Thats why I need the regeneration cut-off warning from the app.

    The screenshot was from my ride to work, thats where I arrived with more then half of the charge. But it looks bad the other way around😃

  • @Polle : I can definitly ride more than 25kmh, I also checken with the original OW app, but it was the first time i exceeded 30kmh and thats where I don't even think of looking at the iPhone;-)

  • @SeeTheInvisible lol. Yeah. I was riding switch and had a poor dismount. Lol

  • 0_1472277955142_image.png

  • FUTURE ENHANCEMENT? - Love the app! Worth $5.00 easily. My onewheel (and i have heard others) only charge to XX% (mine 99%). For the notify when fully charged can you include a slider for battery charged?

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