Mystery Solved

  • [I don't want to waste anyone's time for anyone who already knew about what happened during an overcharge event, but I didn't and it was a big mystery to me. I'm happy I know what it is now.]

    I'll start off with a little history. Since getting my Onewheel I no longer get out of my car at the foot of my driveway to collect my mail; instead I use it as an excuse to ride my Onewheel.
    One random day I was nearing my mailbox when the Onewheel started to feel unresponsive. I tried to slow down but even that felt very wrong. When I got to the bottom of the driveway the trailing edge of the board was dragging on the ground and it ground to a stop. I was very concerned and very thankful (that I came to a graceful stop instead of being thrown across the road).
    I wasn't sure what had happened but a moment later everything seemed to be working normally again.

    The exact same thing happened this evening. This time I was armed with my smartphone and I immediately brought up the app. Overcharge. I turned it off for a moment. Waited, then turned it on again. I rode it around for a bit and it showed 97% and everything seemed to be working fine.
    I am happy that I know what caused this but a little concerned about when to expect it. I did not just take the board right off the charger; It was charged the previous night and sat in my car the whole day. It was even late in the evening when it died this time (past 10pm). It's also odd that after a couple of minutes of riding it was down to 97%.
    I suspect it was not really 100% to begin with, and the regen charge just applied a surface charge over 100%, or something.

    Does anyone know what factors play into the total (observed) charge, and how the regen charge affects it?
    It was very hot today (high 90s). Does that tend to top it off faster?

    I have also had the board seem to not put out the acceleration I asked for when it was low on power, which nearly caused a disaster. With that I decided I should not ride below 20%. With this overcharge effect, should I ride conservatively while over 95%?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    I do love this board, btw. I've spent some good cash on various boards searching for something I could really get into. Onewheel is the winner. Snowboarding comes in second.

  • Just my 2 cents I would try and avoid leaving the board in your car during the summer. It gets way to hot for batteries in general. It's def not good for the equipment.

  • Thanks, that's good advice. I almost always park in the shade and I always leave the windows open a bit but it does still get hot.

    Next hot day I'll turn it on when I get back to my car and check the internal temperatures. I'm guessing that if they're near the normal operating temperatures it may not be that bad but still something to be aware of.
    I'll be more conscious of hopping right on it after its been cooking all day.
    I have noticed the control module does get toasty on its own during heavy riding.

  • @Zluz
    Only the best for my board ac all day lol :)

  • Few older posts on a similar issue.

    If you are at 100% charge and go downhill, the regen might cause the board to overcharge. So just need to ride a little when fully charged before heading downhill. Not ideal, but hopefully solves the issue for you.

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