First nosedive

  • ) Had my first nosedive on the Tarmac today. Caught me off guard. Was going near top speed and pushing forward on a heal edge turn. I caught my knee on the road and managed to roll onto grass. Guess I was lucky. !! photo won't upload!

  • @thehoff Photo to big? Or did you use Gmail and just "download" button for picture? (I just did that, and it didnt work, had to open pic and click save as)

    Happy you survived good! :D wore a helmet?

  • @BadWolf I will try again later with the photo. Just road rash on the knee. Yes always helmet. Maybe pads next time! 😜

  • I'm like bubble boy
    knee pads,elbow pads , wrist pads, crash shorts, helmet lol

  • you dont need helmet just need good shoes. very flat shoes and take a look sometime to your fod to be sure it on the middle of the blue line.

  • @charge360 there are reasons other the shoes and the blue dots that you can fall.. Not wearing helmet is bad general advice... Push through pushback on purpose, or by miscalculating.
    Someone jumps in front of you, the ground is not as you anticipate in height or viscosity. :)

  • The only times I've done or almost done nose dives are when showing off - I admit that. Always when just focusing on the ride I have not been even close to a nose dive. But as soon as I start to show off, I easily forget to 'listen' to the board and push beyond max acceleration. And it is pushing beyond max acceleration that has caused it and not pushing beyond max speed.

    I still think that a loud alert should warn before dropping the nose and pushing me over. I'd much prefer that over a nose dive. Or then there could be a setting for it that's on by default, as some readers here have for some reason felt that an alert would be a bad idea.

  • @PatricFIN I admit it!! I was showing off when it happened. Trying to do a deep carve at top speed!!

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