Extending Battery lifespan / Charge from close to 0% as possible?

  • So I'm an electronics novice and I understand the onewheels warranty outlines battery lifetime cycle expectations to be somewhere over 1,000 charges.

    In general, should I be trying to wear the battery down to 10-20% before plugging in? Or is it okay to charge back to 100% from 80 or even 90% after a very short ride? I have no clue at all if this is in anyway effecting battery wear and I just want to take the best care of this thing as possible.

  • I was wondering the same thing. But I think it's OK with theses type of batteries to charge anytime. but not 100% sure

  • @utsu @DVO I charge with 90% I charge with 50% I charge with 20%. I hope this doesn't matter because if it does my boards are only going to last about another month... lol... I would love for someone to give us the answer to this one.

  • http://batteryuniversity.com/learn/article/how_to_prolong_lithium_based_batteries

    o Battery effectiveness declines over time, but there are things you can do.
    o Avoid discharging the battery fully, the less the better.
    o Try to keep the battery cool, or at least store it cool [below30°C (86°F)].
    o There's no long term downside/damage to not charging it fully if you don't need the range.
    o Avoid overcharging -- the OW's charging circuitry will prevent excess voltages, so you can leave it plugged in if you're going to use it sometime soon, but if you're going to store it a while it's better not to store it at 100% (note that the battery will discharge passively while stored unplugged, probably at a rate faster than some of your other electronics).

  • If they are anything like say an Iphone battery.. a charge from 20-100% (80%) and from 80-100% (20%) would be one cycle. or 4 times from 75% to 100% etc etc.

  • I think that's an easy way to count, yeah. But, in addition, it degrades a lithium ion type battery more to drain it low or charge it high. So, theoretically, if you consider (1) someone who runs their board consistently from 75% down to 25%, (2) someone who runs theirs entirely between 50% and 0%, and (3) someone who runs theirs between 100% and 50%, person #1's battery will wear better.

    That said, the manufacturer's design choices affect the degree to which the above is true. The manufacturer may, for example, have the charger shut off at what us effectively 90% of true max capacity and then call that 90% level "100%" for the user. They would choose do this because they've decided that the recharge longevity of the battery matters enough to sacrifice some range. They might also decide to shut the device down at 5% or 15% or whatever to prevent damage. (When your OW powers off, you probably don't want to keep restarting it to try and get more distance out of it.)

    We don't know precisely how FM balanced cruising range and product longevity. I'd suggest follow the above generic battery advice I posted when you can, but mainly just go enjoy yourself. And, like your phone, expect the battery to wear out in time.

  • @ThatGuy From what I´ve gathered, these arent Litium Ion batteries, but Litium Ion Phospate.. and they arent sensitive to "overloading" as Li-ion are.. atleast thats what google turned up :D

  • @BadWolf Yeah, to a point, and then only compared to other types of lithium ion batteries, which is to say that the issue doesn't entirely go away. Also, by comparison, they have a somewhat lower energy density, a higher passive discharge rate, and a reduced tendency to blow up and take down an airliner (nice feature).

    The bored (aka "boardless") can idle themselves further here:

  • I would be great if Future Motion can give us tips on battery management

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