Best way to wash off onewheel?

  • I have one of those rubber plugs for the charger port. Is there a best way to get sand and salt off from the beach? Just hose it down with a hose?

  • @uncbeast5 I like to wipe down the metal, plastic and rubber with a damp cloth or sometimes a clorox wipe

  • I recommend clearing off debris with a shop brush.
    I would not hosing it down: it may be water proof but water still gets in places that will then need to dry.
    As @groovyruvy mentioned, a damp cloth is good for proper cleaning once the big stuff is cleared away.

    I actually just ordered a runner to put in my garage so just before I take it into my house the little tiny rocks from my asphalt driveway will drop off the wheel and not track in.
    This wouldn't help with sand on the frame. I wish clearing off beach sand before entering my home was a problem I had.

  • Paintbrush to dust off debris. Then I wipe down with a cleaning wipe. If you spray clean it with a hose, don't be surprised if it stops working....also the tire protectant with uv protection is good to wipe the wheels down.

  • I like to let the thing dry really really well actually then you can just just a towel and dust the thing off as the surfaces are very dust repelllant once dry.

  • Isn't it made to get wet? I occasionally hose mine off and scrub with a tire brush(pretty course) and dry it if front of fan or blow off with air compressor. Works fine! Usually I can dry brush it off though.

  • @maximus there are some exposed ends on the plugs that can cause issues if they get wet. It's "water resistant" you really don't want to get water inside underneath the foot boards where the electronic components are. And depending on your wear and tear the seals to that area become more exposed, mine are not that tight.

    While I have been known splash through puddles a couple inches deep while riding (mostly cause I had to)
    I avoid water that I don't need to get into. Just not worth losing the board to send back for repair. :) some folks have had issues with it.

    But seriously, I have tried cleaning it a few different ways and it is super easy you don't need a brush or effort for you just let it all the crusty mud dry and take a towel, and lightly brish it up against the thing, the dirt and sand will fall right off. It's much easier than cleaning it wet.

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