• Here are some suggestions for lighting on the board.

    The manual mode selection using the foot pad would allow toggling of the headlights. I never switch riding modes but the headlights are fairly useful in the dark. Having to find a smartphone to do this is dumb.

    When the board is carried by the handle, the lower lights would switch to white and the upper lights would switch off. My board keeps the orientation of the lighting the same as from the ride and shines either red or white light towards me. The lights switching off during carry would work too.

    This may be a matter of taste but please ditch the blue led power indicator. Any other color would be nice. Am I the only one that finds blue lighting offensive? How about a mechanism that shoots acid in your eyes to let you know the board is on?

  • @mrb yes

  • the head lights are freakin awesome. they def knocked it out of the park there.

  • @mrb said in Lighting:

    How about a mechanism that shoots acid in your eyes to let you know the board is on?

    Yes, I want this! Perfect thieft feature..!

  • --also: independent head and tail lights.

  • I love blue

  • The lights are great but could be better - more LEDs, brighter, farther throw and some sort of side illumination would be great.

    The lights are cool for helping other people to see you, but they could be a lot better in terms of lighting the path in front of you.

    I've got some music equipment that has bright blue LEDs and I hate them, if your eyes get at all tired they hurt to look at. I haven't been annoyed by the blue light on the Onewheel though. There's no reason for me to look at it very much, and it's not very intense.

    I have a Moog Voyager synthesizer, it has all the lettering and markings of the control panel backlit in blue and the modwheels lit with blue LEDs, this was standard for a good while. When I finally bought mine there was an option to choose among several other colors for the backlighting. I had a hard time choosing, but I went with the blue and I've always regretted it. I don't find it offensive, but perhaps a bit boring. Red, purple, or gold would have been a bolder choice. Looking at the modwheels LEDs can also be painful in a dim room with tired eyes. The backlighting can be dimmed to any level you want, but unfortunately not the eye-burning modwheels.

    One, or a few LEDs embedded in the front deck of the Onewheel so you could glance down to see them, could transmit some basic information. Whether your headlights are on and battery level come quickly to mind, but probably other good stuff as well. A single multi-color LED could show battery level and let you know when you are approaching 50% and need to head back. I think it might be safer than digging my phone out of my pocket while riding, entering my passcode, and maybe needing to launch the app, as I tend to do. Before I get on the board, I'm always bending over and placing my hand in front of the headlights to see if they are on.

    Having the lights toggle off when you are carrying the board by the handle, or an option in the app to enable this feature, would be great.

  • Too many electronics cause issues with the environment. Adding all of this extra shit makes it harder for the board to endure the weather - specifically water. I don't know that I can speak for everyone, but I think the majority of us would prefer the ability to safely ride in the rain and on the beach without having to worry about all of these extra "neat" factors getting ruined and making me have to send my board to FM.

  • Am I the only one who enjoys riding in stealth mode and use the lights only when absolutely necessary? I enjoyed the attention for the first few weeks, but it got old fast. Don't get me wrong, I love having the lights for when they are needed and I think the quality and function is more than acceptable.

  • @DocBlock I don't like having the lights on either. I only turn them on when riding at night.

  • @DocBlock - totally agree on that. I just wish there was an easier way than the app.
    It kills me when people's first comments are "oh wow it has LED lights!"
    These same people are probably also upset it doesn't have speakers.

  • I only turn em on at night. It's a dead giveaway that it's battery powered. Without the lights people often do not quickly assume it is powered.
    It feels slightly more pretentious with them on in daylight

  • @kbman agreed

  • @DocBlock said in Lighting:

    Am I the only one who enjoys riding in stealth mode?<

    me too--carry a flashlight if you must.

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