• traction control is lame. i'd rather have direct control of all inputs of the vehicle. onewheel is rad. i won't get on about it here--take my word for it.

    with the self-balancing technology at its core, i shamefully submit to the machine for the righteous magic it bestows at my feet--tho it would be nice to have a little control over the automation as it effects handling.

    my wheel handles sportingly and seems nicely balanced. i imagine that earlier revisions were more fun at the cost of tighter operating tolerances for balance and the powertrain.

    i want to waive any legal claim and taste the bleeding edge of performance. i want to adjust the resolution of the throttle, the riding angle of the board, the polling interval of the balancing--some exponential ratios in the mix?

    i want to know how fast i can go--hanging off the back--white knuckles up front. i've said too much and worry the mothership will not oblige.

    what about a compromise? keep the speed limit, but let me shift a few quotients around for the sake of product longevity and rider ergonomics and safety.

  • @mrb

    anybody else want more control in a chaoric world?

  • hoooah!

  • @mrb I'm good, man. Nice and alive :)

  • @hustle

    god bless ya bro.

  • @mrb it's beautiful man.

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