• pushback is only a buzzkill because of the shift in balance that goes along with/and negative acceleration. what about leaning back without putting the brakes on. we could afford a higher top speed with a higher tolerance on overweighting the front and less disturbance of the rider's balance.

    there are two pressure pads right? --no? This just became more interesting.

  • Well.... When you push through it... Your going to probably puss out of wanting to do it again.....


  • tonight i was determined to push through pushback consistently in hopes of teetering over into the budderzone, where it is said you can float at 21 all day so long as don't dip your tip.

    i was riding elevated and was able to maintain angles all the way from scraping the nose to level, at around 14mi/h. i was able to recover from squirminess and touchdowns consistently but while fighting pushback the whole time. i did dive over the front a bunch of times too.

    the pushback on my board feels like bouncing off a rev limiter--buzzkill. i can manage a higher average speed comfortably floating at 12 than i can bouncing around between 11 and 14. the continuous acceleration of these bursts doesn't do my battery any favors.

    when pushback pushed, i pushed back. but i could not push through to nirvana.

  • @mrb I've hit 21 and it was not easy.. I wouldnt call it floating either.. I would call it dangerous lol

  • @mrb I have also gotten it up to 20mph and it is pretty nerve racking. Constantly feel like you are about to eat it at any moment.

  • @njcustom and @ahxe45: you are titans.

    thanks for confirming that ~20 is possible. i don't think my relatively slick riding surface would allow such speed regardless of pushback, but bet i could average ~15 all day without the push.

    i am thinking about putting a 30 pound weight on the back and spraying the tire with some glue. it would be nice if that weight were a battery with some extra current.

  • @mrb I was able to hit 20 mph on flat ground actually. I don't know if @njcustom did the same or was on a hill, but I tried seeing if I could take it even further on a hill and I went into what I would call "freewheeling." I could not slow down and it seemed like I lost my brakes completely. That was truly terrifying and I was lucky as hell that I did not hurt myself. I was able to maintain my balance and once at the bottom of the hill I aimed straight for a grass field and was able to use that to slow myself down to a reasonable speed and regain control.

  • @ahxe45 I've eat the ground at 20mph riding downhill, it took me 3 weeks to get over it :)

  • @ahxe45 I was on flat ground..

  • sounds like @ahxe45 floated back to earth on wings dripping wax--glad you kept your cool--how far did you get down the hill before freewheeling? was the pitch enough that you were touching the tail? did you lose the auto balance too? what was the sound coming from the wheel? was the board ready to ride without a reset?--sorry for all the questions. please tell me just a little bit more.

  • @fabuz:

    the french live to eat--glad you're okay. Did you achieve the freewheeling as described by @ahxe45 ?

  • @mrb If you haven't seen the video, you should watch it. It's very impressive: https://youtu.be/baOnPgf8cbc

  • @mrb It was a mix between me dipping the nose and over compensating and touching the tail and almost eating it. It felt like the motor almost disengaged because I could feel it braking then it felt and sounded like the motor was not running anymore I don't know any better way to describe it. Once I hit the grass I was able to slow down and the motor must of kicked back in and I was able to continue riding. did not have to reset it or anything. I guess I just got really lucky.

  • @fabuz ahhh there is that puss back

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