I'm selling mine - roughly 40 miles on it

  • While I really enjoy riding it I unfortunately need to sell it. At this stage it needs to serve a purpose and it is just shy of the mileage I need to go.

    Have roughly 40 miles on it
    Purchased 8/13
    Location - East Bay/Alameda , CA

    Price is at $1250 (+shipping & PayPal fee if not local).. but local pickup is available.

    Light scratches from coming to a stop and such during rides.. I will post up some pictures later if needed.

  • Good luck @infamous_6969, I'd think that anyone willing to buy it for $1400 would probably just pony up for the new one. I'll give you $1000 for it, offer expires Thursday when I drive thru the Bay Area on my way back to Portland.

  • @jordo I was thinking the same thing. I know it's only slightly used, but it's still used. What's another $100 to get a brand-new one fresh from the factory when you're already spending that much?

  • @thegreck well if you live in California then it's another $232 as there are taxes. So in this state you pay $1632 for it.

  • @jordo You are welcome to make a reasonable offer or can pay full price when you get to your destination.. But that's an insult of an offer..

  • @infamous_6969, my apologies if I've insulted you with my offer. I already paid full price for mine, just like you. Now I'm buying up used onewheels from poor saps like you who either realized they couldn't afford it or couldn't figure out how to ride it. Do some homework and you'll see that the going rate for a used board is 1000-1200 (regardless of what YOU had to pay). I'm sure you'll find some dummy to pay 1400 for yours, but if you don't, I'll buy it for $900.

  • @infamous_6969 said in I'm selling mine - roughly 20 miles on it:

    But that's an insult of an offer.

    LOL. Dream big.

  • Messaged you buddy!

  • @jordo some respect towards people might get you far in life.. I am neither a poor chump, unable to ride it, or unable to afford it. It doesn't fill the requirement that I hoped it would..

    As for what I paid for it.. I paid retail price just like everyone else. So if you live in the state of California then what was paid does matter..

    However, you can feel free to go insult other people you don't know.

  • I would love to hear the requirements that you were hoping the OW would fill?

    For my self, I was hoping to ride to the beach with my SUP (2 mi away) but so far not looking good. I was also hoping to take it to my gym in the morning (1mi away) also not looking good.

    But, what I didn't expect was how much fun it is to just get out and ride it. I think I will eventually make short trips on it and maybe even carry my board to the beach with it, but that isn't a priority anymore for me. I think it's a great surf and snowboard trainer!

  • @Roy

    Mine is strictly a fun gadget, nothing else.
    I'm yet to take it anywhere with me.
    I take off from home to the park and back. 2-3 times daily.

  • @infamous_6969, again, I'm sorry I offended you. When I said 'good luck', I meant it. My offer was not meant to offend, it was my attempt to get another onewheel for cheap. Also was not referring to you as one of those that couldn't afford it or figure it out, just making my point that there are a lot for sale on the secondary market. Your skin could use some thickening.

  • @Roy Why is it not looking good to ride it a mile to the gym? One mile is the perfect distance for a Onewheel commute! You'll get about 3-4 round trips on a single charge.

    I commute to work on the train every day, and have to ride my OW to and from the train station in the morning and afternoon, around a mile and a half each way. It's been working beautifully, and I couldn't think of a more fun way to get there. 4x the speed of walking, and I don't have to worry about traffic or finding a parking spot, it's awesome!

  • @thegreck, you are living the OW dream!

    I'm hoping to integrate the OW more into my daily travels as time goes on, but the route to my gym, although short, has some twists and hills that I'm just not ready for yet.

  • @Roy Ahhh... rough route. Yeah, I practiced like crazy every day for 2 months before attempting my commute. Had to be sure I wasn't going to accidentally ride off the sidewalk into traffic or anything. But you'll get there!

  • selling your soul for $1400? sounds reasonable. i hope CA chokes on their taxes.

  • @mrb taxes here suck..

  • Let me know if you lower your price, the last two barely used ones I picked up were 1200 and 1100.

  • @nikknak sent you a message

  • Price changed due to current used market price.

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