For the Love of Life

  • hi,

    i just got back from a hot weather ride, and the only bad one i've had.

    i immediately noticed an over-elevation(only ride elevated)--feels weird--a penalty beamed down from mothership?

    leanback kicks in at around 6 and keeps pushing--leaning forward harder than i've ever had to, but i push her and she complies--no longer elevated--board craps out and i run it out--wtf.

    --no worries. sensor issues can be managed--gotta get floating.

    i feel the float coming on and even if i am pushing extra hard, i am floating. the board craps out and i run it out.

    again--craps out--run it out.

    i get back on suspiciously, and eat it going around 5mi/hr--and eat it again around there--heat issues?

    i am peeved at the board at this point. should i switch to extreme for the second time ever to confirm that my hardware is glitching?

    fucking classic! thanks for tweaking out every knee and elbow on a 2 minute ride. i should have called this thread 'fuck classic'.

    morals of the story:

    if you feel like your board is off, find your phone and make sure you are on the mode you would be on.

    i suppose from this: it is preferable for the board to crap out away from some limit around 6mph (~9.8km/h). that is to say--for me--weighing around 170lbs--riding with a some less drag than if on a paved road as most:

    it seems significantly easier to run it out at 14 than at 6. again: i'd rather be launched at 14mph and try and run it out than slide off the board and into the dirt like a limp noodle. i have dove off the front more than 50 times in the past two weeks, some of which were crap-outs. i never really ate it before today.

    don't trust calculators.

    I'll be floating.

  • @mrb That's exactly how Classic works; it keeps you from going over 7 mph by throwing you on the pavement. And it's why we've all been telling everyone not to ever ride in Classic. It's pure evil.

  • I live in Florida, so all my rides are in hot weather, some in really hot weather, does it act weird sometimes. Yeah, but, I figure, so does all tech. But, ride in extreme. The key is your balance. no one says you have to ride with your hair on fire. But having the extra head room allows you not to run into issues.

    Most people move to extreme within a day or 2 of having the board or reading the forums

    and the modes are named for marketing purposes, but they should really be named as follows:


  • i never meant to be in Classic. the board switched modes without my awareness.

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