mini fender / top handle

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    I'd love to see a mini fender with a triangular design would let the wheels show (which I love) and still stop the water & debris.

    The crossing point would make an idea place for a carrying handle too (although the strength requirements would shoot through the roof).

  • I get your point, but think this would look hideous...

  • @Polle LOL - thanks for your disapproval :)

    How it looks would depend on the design, finish, etc and personal taste of course.

  • Another version of this design could be a collapsible fabric fender. Toss the handle idea out. Use 2 strong & flexible metal wires (ala hangers) which cross in the middle (top). To attach, insert them into the empty screw holes for the fender. Put a piece of waterproof fabric in the 2 triangles.

    Easy to take off & put in a pack.

    Of course, having a tiny pup tent for your OW may not be the style for everyone, but it could be super lightweight & practical.

  • @jeff8v7 Eh, I think that it would bend quickly and frequently. I don't think a "soft" fender idea is the greatest, but to each their own. I'd be curious to see yours if you ever make one :)

  • @hustle why would it bend? wind pressure? the plastic $5 fender I built doesn't bend while riding, and it's flexible enough to roll up and stuff into my backpack...

  • @jeff8v7 I guess I'd have to wait to see what you pull off then. :)

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