Best day ever! But 2nd nosedive

  • Had an amazing day. Only to be equalled by a snowboard power day.

    7 mile cruise along a hilly coastal path then stopped at a cafe for a charge. After another 7 miles I was heading back to the car and nose dive #2 happened. Climbing a small hill and pushing forward on a heel carve she gave up and supermaned me onto the path. Guess I was loosing concentration at that stage. Pushing too far forward on an carve up a hill was the way nosedive #1 happened. I always wear a helmet but I will definaty wear my pads next time I ride Tarmac paths 0_1471803425836_image.jpg 0_1471803408566_image.jpg

  • @thehoff Ow! You don't look very happy... hope you heal quickly!

  • @westcoastr yes. I hope I do as well. Can't wait to get back on. I love this onewheel more ever day

  • @thehoff exact same injuries I used to get before I started wearing pads

  • WOW! Congrats! Certainly the most impressive pizza I've ever seen! Hope you'll ride your board asap ;)

  • Oh no.

    Uphill carve is exactly the same thing that has done me in. I think if you are riding near the limit on flat, its hard to know that you will max out the board when you hit an incline (i.e. too much peak power to balance + climb + accelerate).

    Hope you heal up fast.

  • ouch feel better.

  • thats a lot of riding, I'm sure there was some fatigue as well.

  • @shaunabe guess you are right. I have today's run posted on your map.. At least a few hundred people stopped with dropped jaws as I drifted past. It's very hard to pretend not to notice everybody looking.!

  • So....I'm going to get pads soon, I think. Lol.

    Sorry man. Heal up quick!

  • Ouch, had my first crash today on mountain bike trail in front of my wife. 🤕

  • Ouch, those OW spills can be nasty.

    Heal well soon.

  • You can't push through that pussback man... The motor will fail past a certain speed/rate. Sounds like you have found it twice, I found it once with similar marks which left 2 small round scars on my back... :) while the fall wasn't bad, the damn sores were a pain in my ass. And I just literally passed my 10th kidney stone in the last 2 years oh 2 Hours ago :)

  • @thehoff Ouch! Yeah it's so easy to nosedive going uphill, that's for sure.

  • I feel your pain but I find these stories strangely comforting... I've only had my OW for a week and took a good spill on my first night out. Interestingly it was also an uphill ride but fortunately I was on the grass. The OW is definitely not very forgiving and its hard to be 'ready' for it. I need to learn some more rolling/somersault moves I think. Ribs bruised and still feeling it, need to get my helmet and get back at it! Looking forward to many more awesome rides!

  • @PeterG said in Best day ever! But 2nd nosedive:

    I need to learn some more rolling/somersault moves I think.

    Absolutely! I think if people would learn how to properly fall, we'd have a lot fewer horror stories on this forum.

    This is one of the best YouTube videos I've found on the subject. There are a few gnarly examples of bad falls in the beginning that make me cringe, but the rest of the video is really helpful:

  • @thegreck good info.. Ivefallen of everything at one time or another.. On the grass the onewheel is fun to fall as your not really going hard.. My last fall on Tarmac was so fast I didn't get time to think. I'm thinking that a slide plate on the base of the onewheel could help it slide and give the rider more time to set up for the fall.. Rather than the front griping in and stopping dead.. Failing that a small caster wheel could stop nose dive altogether ..

  • @thehoff People have mentioned that, or wheels on the front, but I don't think any of that stuff would work due to the physics of what's happening.

    When you put too much weight on the front of the board, the lever you're standing instantly swivels and all of your forward momentum suddenly switches to downward momentum, like an elevator with no brakes hitting the ground floor.

  • @thegreck I guess there has to be one down side to this awesome piece of kit! I'm sitting nursing my wounds wishing for them to heal quicker so I can get back out of it.. I'll stick to the grass until I'm a bit better so I can slip on the pads and head out on the trails again..

  • @thehoff - I had my first fall on Saturday. Once I heal I will definitely be rockin my knee pads and slide gloves. From my experience longboarding for the past 10 years, those (and a helmet) are all I need. Elbow pads are annoying and I've figured out how to fall with the other pads to where I don't need elbow.

    Sending you positive vibes for a healthy and fast recovery!

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