Best day ever! But 2nd nosedive

  • @PeterG said in Best day ever! But 2nd nosedive:

    I need to learn some more rolling/somersault moves I think.

    Absolutely! I think if people would learn how to properly fall, we'd have a lot fewer horror stories on this forum.

    This is one of the best YouTube videos I've found on the subject. There are a few gnarly examples of bad falls in the beginning that make me cringe, but the rest of the video is really helpful:

  • @thegreck good info.. Ivefallen of everything at one time or another.. On the grass the onewheel is fun to fall as your not really going hard.. My last fall on Tarmac was so fast I didn't get time to think. I'm thinking that a slide plate on the base of the onewheel could help it slide and give the rider more time to set up for the fall.. Rather than the front griping in and stopping dead.. Failing that a small caster wheel could stop nose dive altogether ..

  • @thehoff People have mentioned that, or wheels on the front, but I don't think any of that stuff would work due to the physics of what's happening.

    When you put too much weight on the front of the board, the lever you're standing instantly swivels and all of your forward momentum suddenly switches to downward momentum, like an elevator with no brakes hitting the ground floor.

  • @thegreck I guess there has to be one down side to this awesome piece of kit! I'm sitting nursing my wounds wishing for them to heal quicker so I can get back out of it.. I'll stick to the grass until I'm a bit better so I can slip on the pads and head out on the trails again..

  • @thehoff - I had my first fall on Saturday. Once I heal I will definitely be rockin my knee pads and slide gloves. From my experience longboarding for the past 10 years, those (and a helmet) are all I need. Elbow pads are annoying and I've figured out how to fall with the other pads to where I don't need elbow.

    Sending you positive vibes for a healthy and fast recovery!

  • @hustle thanks man.. Same back to you. Yes I love riding in a t-shirt and shorts.. Being nearly 50 and padded up! doesn't look that cool!!.
    But if it means riding more then it's ok..

    I hate wearing wrist Guards... But my hands are worse off than my arms and legs.. What are slide gloves? Are they the same thing or I'm a missing a trick?

  • I think that all the ow riderz needs a big fall once to not have a big fall again :) (my grammar should be wrong but you certainly understand the meaning of the phrase ;)

  • @thehoff Google Loaded Slide Gloves - there are tons of other companies but I really like the brand Loaded so I don't mind paying a slight premium. They protct what you need but I feel like they are much more comfortable than those stupid wrist guards.

  • @hustle those gloves are hard core!! I'd be wanting to put my hands down if I had those.. How are they in the heat being a full glove, do your hands over heat?

  • @thehoff Yes, my hands sweat a lot. I've also used a seam cutter and cut thread where the front and back pieces of the gloves meet. (Open both of your hands, palms up and facing you. Bring your hands together, the parts that touch are where I cut on the gloves) I cut an inch or so open and that allows a little air flow. I've never had any issues with that getting scratched but it helps sooo much to get a breeze in the fabric.

    You will want to put your hands down. I never ride my longboard without those gloves. Any fall you're about to have will have a large portion of immediate damage mitigated just by covering your palm. You'll still want to tuck and roll, but I've noticed with the gloves your confidence soars and knowing your hand is safe makes you think less about the fall and it just happens. I've been wearing them for 10 years or so now though, so I'm pretty used to them and falling :)

    Happy riding!

  • @hustle sounds class.. I will get a pair for winter riding.. Ordered a fender too

  • I had my first fall a week ago this exact same way. Carving while going up a slight hill. Now that I know this seems to be a common way to fall I'll be way more mindful not to do it.

  • @hustle, any suggestion on which gloves to get? Version 7, advanced, race?

  • @RLY I have the leather race ones.
    **Huge perk to these gloves, if you ever have a stray or loose dog run at you and you start clapping the pucks hard at them it has 100% of the time scared the dog away. Could also do some damage if someone ever tried to jump you.

    The leather are obviously the most expensive, but they are the most durable The cloth will rip on you. I've had my leathers for 6 years and they are still in great condition.

  • Has anyone actually tried modding their OW bumpers to have a material that slides, or even little wheels to keep the momentum during a nosedive and maybe not launch you as badly?

  • @detroitwheelin I saw someone put like a styrofoam or something taped to it and he said it actually did slide some. I'd be really nervous adding anything to it though as far as something that makes it stick out as it was designed for the dimensions and clearance it has.

    Best advice I can give you on nosedives as a beginner is take it slow. Learn the dismount, learn to ride, balance, etc. Don't try and top speed until you feel comfortable. I truly think the nosedive epidemic is user error. Make sure you keep your feet on the sensors at all times.

  • @shaunabe Yeah, I have a pretty good yard to OW in, but there are a lot of roots and dips in certain areas. When I first started riding, I would go up the hilly part, and if I hit even the smallest dips, I'd get thrown. Most times, I would run it out. I've since learned that speed is your friend (if you can get it) when going up hills. Problem comes when you hit a dip : )