Funny self discovery...

  • Was going to post this for a bit, but hadn't got around to it. Here it is:

    So, I started learning to surf last year. I'm land-locked (Phoenix, Az) so only get to make it out a few times a year. I've been progressing, but not near as quickly as my peers and it's been a little frustrating. This is the main reason I chose the OW. SOmething I can practice on, between outings to the coast and work on my chops (Balance, turning, body positioning/muscle memory, etc).

    Last trip out to SanO about 3 weeks ago, I took the OW with me, right after I got it so I could get accustomed to it and learn to ride it, when waves are flat.

    Got on it first time like I do since started surfing. Wobbly as hell. Check tire pressure, made sure nothing was loose, etc. Tried second time and same thing. Put it away and had lunch and to collect my thoughts, on the matter.

    A few hours after lunch, decided to give it another go, hopped on and less than say 10 seconds, found my balance and rolled on down the street, with hardly and issue.

    Weird, I thought to myself, after I stopped a way down the road.

    Got back on, noticed I was still really solid and realized something....

    I was on the OW "goofy footed". I had been surfing since day 1, Regular foot and started trying the OW Regular.

    How funny is that?

    I didn't get a chance to get back out on the waves since, had to leave early after that due to a work issue that popped up, but def will try Goofy Foot when I get back out to San Onofre, in a few weeks.

    And I have tried "regular foot" on the OW a few times since. Still suck on it, that way. ROFL.

    I found it a humorous self-discovery and figured I could share the laugh. Also, maybe it would help someone who is also having difficulties, starting out on the OW. Try switching your footing up.

  • PS: The right shoes do make all the difference in the world too, as many have pointed out.

    Got myself a pair of DC Lynx Vulc TX and it's night and day, in comparison to "regular" tennis shoes.

  • I'm like that with a lot of stuff I'm left handed but do a lot of things right, so my body is split dominant. Like when I box your supposed to keep your power hand on your back foot but i keep mine forward.

  • @itwire Yeah I'm ambidextrous, so that prob explains a little. lol.

  • I don't surf, but, if you really want to up your experience on the board and you can afford a few bucks, get yourself a pair of addidas springblades. IMHO, gives you the purest ride.... :)

  • One way to check whether you are a goofy foot (lead with your right foot) or regular (lead with your left foot) is to have someone bump you from behind when you do not expect it; you will naturally stick out your lead foot. An other way is to run across a smooth floor in your sox and do a sideways slide, and see which foot you lead with.

    For any board sport, it's always fun to learn to ride switch foot. On a snowboard I'm almost as comfortable either way, a little less on a surfboard, and as a newbie, totally out of my comfort zone on the OW. But that will improve.

  • @Roy Yeah did the "bump" thing a few times when I was starting surfing but that came out as "regular" foot.'s curious.

    Been trying regular foot on the OW still a few times and it's always a mess, lol. I dunno.

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