Not enough buzz for the one wheel?

  • LIke a lot of people here I have a OW on order and literally every hour curving if they're are new posts, videos, etc. On the OW. But when you Google OW, the search mostly fin da a few reviews from Jan - April and not much more.

    FM is probably trying really hard just to fulfill current orders, but demand needs to keep coming and growing for this company to survive.

    Wondering if they're doing enough to keep publicizing the product, search engine optimizations, etc. to enable more people to find out about the OW / get a celebrity to Instagram a OW and get it viral / get on Shark Tank or something.

    With the obvious competition coming need to make sure everyone knows about this product as quickly as possible!

  • had mine for two or three weeks now? Two of my buddies will be getting them soon. San Jose ONeWheel crew coming soon!!

  • You should follow them on snapchat. They seem to be traveling and getting the word out.

    Plus, clearly the level of buzz they have now is high. They are getting so many orders it takes 4 to 8 weeks to get boards to people. I figure they're doing just fine.

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