Selling OneWheel Questions?

  • Don't have the time to ride mine anymore with school starting.
    Where is the best place to sell my onewheel?
    Whats the price range like as far as selling? How much will I be able to get roughly?

    Any other tips are appreciated!

  • @uncbeast5 I would suggest here on the forums and use paypal to accept payment, or use craigslist for local buyers and ebay as well to reach more people. Average Price - $900-$1200 for the Onewheel, anything more than that you can buy new for $1500 and a tune-up is $300 on these machines, so anything $1200 and below is a fair price I believe. Anything under $900 is a steal!! Hope this helps and would be open to purchasing, just depends how my commissions are this Sept. Thanks and just keep me posted.

  • @uncbeast5 to add to what @Wakeboarder54 said the price range of $900-$1200 is a good average. A lot of it will have to do with the mileage on the board and condition. If its going to need service within the next month or so go towards the lower end of that range, if you only rode it one time than $1200-$1300 is a fair price especially if its local pickup. That's why I love @kwatts app because I know exactly how many miles I have ridden if I ever would need to sell the board.

  • Hi uncbeast5 - where are you located? and what condition is the board in? (can you upload a few pics or email me?)


  • In good condition 1000 quick sell. In awesome condition 1200 is doable and fair. Less than a year ago when they were hard to get they sold for around 1700 used or about 2000 new. They would sell in one or two days as you just couldn't get them.

  • Bumping this as I didn't put my board up like I figured I was going to 2 months ago...Is Ebay still my best bet to get this sold for a decent price?

  • Best to sell here for 1000. My opinion. If you sell it on eBay you will end up giving 13% to Ebay fees

  • Ebay fee's are horrible! I ended up selling mine to a guy for $1000 + he paid for shipping . mine only had 35 miles on it so the guy got an amazing deal, but i figured it's almost winter (at least eastcoast) and didn't feel like having to keep listing it to try to get more , or going the Ebay route and paying all those fee's so i let him have it for $1000

    Miss it already! haha , i'll be back guys! i'll be back!

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