Best vinyl film I've found so far

  • Hey everyone

    So just spreading the word for a good company I found.

    This company that makes car wraps and vinyl film etc..

    Found this video on you tube
    Contacted them. Think they are from Tiawan.

    Anyway. Ordered some, and so far so good! I wouldn't say it's any stronger then 3M but they got some sweet animal print options

    I mean how bad ass would zebra be with say some orange or black snack Skin

    Anyway. Contact

    Tell them your interested in some animal print wrap. The animal print is the strongest I guess. The black snake skin is supposedly the strongest. But personally it will all rip over time so what ever. Best part is they are cool. Great price. Good patterns

    Great guys. Tell them they sent me a small amount for a onewheel board shipped to Colorado and you want some too. It was super cheap. Way better the. Amazon or eBay and came really fast.

    i would love to post photos of my board but I guess I'm to stupid and I can't. So just close your eyes and picture a bad ass two tone orange and black

  • This post is deleted!

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