Looking for a OW in Canada (Edmonton)

  • I'm looking to buy a OW, new or used. Anyone looking to sell?

    Easy Rider in town is sold out, and they don't have an eta on when stock will show up again.

    I've been trying to talk myself into spending the money on one for months. It's time to stop thinking about it, and start riding 🤘

  • @CABALLERO do it man. Just do it! I held off for a year. The second I stood on the onewheel I totally forgot about the cost and kicked myself for not buying it earlier

  • I'm with ya! I want one bad...
    Almost as bad as I want my kids to ditch the scooters for skateboards 😉

  • got any friends closer to the border? I live in Vancouver and had mine shipped to a US location and then brought it across the line. Depending on your border guard they might just wave you through. My wife picked it up for me and said it was 'some skateboard thing' and the dude wished her a good day!

    The USD-CAD exchange is painful but the OW is awesome and loads of fun.

    I think FM has some good opportunity in Canada if they can improve the supply lines. I suspect a Canadian service location would also be nice :-)

    Hope you get your OW soon before the freeze comes !

  • I'm in Calgary. I picked mine up a few weeks ago in Hood River. There is an outfitter in couer d'alene that sells them. They had two while I was there. No problems at the border bringing it back either.

  • I'm in Calgary as well. Bought a new one on ebay and paid US $1,225 for the OW plus US $300 shipping. So I saved US $275 ($355 CDN) over buying it directly from Future Motion on-line). Arrived with all original packaging and took less than a week. I'd check ebay.

  • Thanks guys. I'm not headed to the US anytime soon. But I will check out the eBay option.

    As well as call Easy Rider tomorrow to see if they have an eta yet. They sold their last one 4 days ago 😔

  • I have one and live in fort sask. If you want I can meet up with ya and let you take mine for a ride to try it out if you haven't.

    For those two who live in Calgary, where abouts do you guys ride as Ill be in the area a bit. And would like a good spot to go to.

  • @juts that would be awesome, I'd love to try it out and I appreciate the offer. Do you work in Edmonton or the Fort? I'm south of Millwoods on an acreage by Beaumont.

  • I live in the fort. And work just off yellowhead but my work brings me to Sherwood park and all the way to 178st. I have a house on the south side on 17st as well and I'll be in the area tomorrow.

  • Sounds great. I should
    Be available anytime tomorrow. What time do you figure you'll be at the house?

  • @CABALLERO I'll be at the house around noonish. But if you want I can meet ya a field or wherever if youd like that way it doesn't hurt ya too much if you end up biffing.

  • @juts sounds great. Should I head that way for noon then? What are on 17st?

  • I'll pm ya my number. I have to drop my son off with his mother and take her to get her vehicle off white. I'm trying to think of some decent areas around south side.

  • @Juts was gracious enough to meet up with me to chat and let me ride his OW. It didn't disappoint, these things are unreal. I want one even more now. Thanks again @juts!!

  • @CABALLERO no problem. Ever wanna ride it again before easy rider gets a new shipment in just send a text.

  • Easy Rider still hasn't received stock of OW's yet, and summer is disappearing quickly 😔

    I may have to take you up on your offer @juts!

  • @CABALLERO sounds good man. Did you get your buddy to put the down payment on it to reserve yours or what?

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