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  • I suppose that earlier onewheels had a limit around 15mph, and new firmware around 13.

    I request that the next release bring back the old limit. I would guess that the higher limit would be safer and more useful for riders.

    Please reply.

  • @mrb the limit is 15 with the current firmware.

  • I've not seen 15mph with current app. But then again it's hard to see while riding. Looking forward to owheelbubby so I can see top speeds

  • @thehoff in extreme I know that pushback kicks in at 15

  • Just saying.......➖😎➖0_1472082775361_image.jpeg

  • thanks to J-Glide for this information from another thread.

    @J-Glide said in Why does the board have to lock up @ max speed?:

    I wasn't going to say anything, but I can't hold my tongue any longer. So here it is.... My brother, father, and girlfriend all have newer boards than the two I own, and theirs have firmware 3056 and my boards have 3034. There is a HUGE difference in the amount of push back, and top speed between the two different types of firmware. 3056 starts pushing back at 12.5mph, and allows you to push past it. Once you've gone past the push back it rides level and lets you achieve a speed a little more than 15mph before it suddenly dumps you on your face. All three of their boards do this, but the 3034 firmware lets me ride all the way to 15mph and gives solid pushback and doesn't let me push past it. This is on extreme mode by the way. My brother hates riding with me cause I'm all casual and loving it around 14mph, and he's on the edge of eating shit and stressed out. I feel like FM needs to look more into this problem, and if nothing else revert back to the 3034 firmware.

  • the speed limit i refer to is where pushback starts ruining things. i have hit 15mph, but can make a trip faster going 13 and not constantly bouncing off the rev-limiter.

    nice speed. you are on 3034.

  • @mrb Yep, I think you're right and I agree. Having pushback kick in so early is very annoying. I'd like to be able to ride at 15mph at least before it kicks in. It's more dangerous, but it should be an option for more experienced riders.

  • so 3054 that Ive had for about a year or so, is actually slower than the firmware before that? DAMN YOU! I want 3034 now!

  • I'm currently recovering from my first nasty fall involving this. I wasn't aware of the pushback (The OW was my dads originally and he just sold it to me). I hadn't learned anything about the thing. Just hopped on and started to ride around, next day (with some alcohol and liquid confidence) I decided to push it a bit. Felt the pushback a bit but didn't know what it meant so I pushed back myself. Queue an overnight delivery of Brave Soldier creme and about $50 spent at Walgreens for bandages and wrap. Lol.

    Now I am semi scared to even hit pushback - at least til I heal and get more pads on to learn this thing.

  • I have 3056 and it becomes a bit more difficult to ride past pushback, but I've gone all the way up to 19mph and could probably hit 20. For the sake of not breaking my wrists/teeth, I generally like to cruise around 16.5 mph.

    Here's what I think might be going on, when I ride with my knees straight, or mostly straight, the pushback hits me hard around 13mph, but when I loosen my knees and let my front leg absorb the pushback, while leaning my upper body forward, I can't even feel the pushback, and I'm able to cruise as fast as I want.

  • I've never gotten mine any faster than 13.6mph , I'd love 15 - 20 mph

  • @mrb You are 100% correct. I currently have 4 boards, 2 that I use every day and 2 newer ones that are back ups. After your post yesterday, I decided to check the firmware and indeed 2 of my boards are the earlier version and 2 are the most recent version. I tried the later models this evening and as you stated, they are slower at the top end and pushback kicks in way earlier. Interesting, and I hope you start a new topic thread to see if any other experienced multiple board owners have found this difference as well. I do not believe we will be able to go back to the original firmware.

  • I'd strongly prefer it if the board had a higher top speed, but only if the pushback kicked in at the top end of the speed limit. As it is now, to get past 15 mph you need to push through pushback- attainable easily enough, but once you get past pushback you lose an essential advantage: the board's 'reverse pendulum' software (ripping that moniker from@thegreck) ceases to be at its maximum effectiveness because you've gone past the board's capabilities. So it's really more like free coasting at that point, and you're doing all the work to balance forward and backward, without the advantage of having the software respond to you instantly. Doable, but difficult! 2 days ago I was freakin' flying down a large steep grass berm and breezed past pushback. Reached what felt like 20 mph, never had hit that speed before on OW, scared me. Was just coasting down the hill and could only hang on. I pulled it off, and once I got to the flats and the board slowed (and the software kicked back in because I was no longer past pushback), I exited with a really smooth sweeping bottom turn. In that moment I realized that for me anyway, I would love it if the board went faster, but only if the board's capabilities were boosted, and pushback only kicked in at the very highest end of the range- say 20 mph. As it stands now, the sweet spot for me is riding the board as fast as it can go, just up till the point where the nose starts to rise from pushback.

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