Ouch - OW stopping on flat ground for no reason

  • Hi guys,
    I'm just sitting here with the entire left side of my body stinging. I was going across a paved crosswalk on a busy street in Seattle. Suddenly the nose just went down and I crashed.

    After I scrambled off the street and waved to all the concerned citizens looking at me from the Starbucks, I went to get back on and the OW was off.

    Does anyone know what might be causing this? I keep getting more and more comfortable with it, then something like this happens and I'm scared to get on it again!

    (Battery was at 50%)

  • @paulettejanep board shape you have active?

  • @paulettejanep Battery life wouldn't have anything to do with it, low battery would cause pushback (speeding up) not nosedive. Sounds like either your foot came off one sensor for longer than one second, or you somehow took pressure off both sensors at the same time. Or you have a bad sensor... but you'll know it if you do, because it'll keep happening.

    What do the bottoms of your shoes look like? Flat soles?

  • Foot position is probably the culprit. My first few crashes were because I would ride with my foot at too much of an angle. At higher speeds you wont notice the problem because above 5mph you only need 1 pad activated. But once you slow down the board deactivates.

  • Hopefully they will make footpads with wider sensors to allow for more flexibility In foot positioning.

  • @w1ngy makes a good point, and this has happened to me before. I have a tendency to lift my heel when I carve, which isn't an issue when riding over 0.5 mph, but I have to be sure to put it back on the sensor before slowing down, or the motor will disengage and think I'm trying to dismount.

    How fast were you going? If you were moving slowly, this is probably what happened.

  • Thanks guys. I try to be careful with foot position, but I agree that's probably the most likely culprit. I wish that it would only come to a dead stop at less than 2 mph or something.

    I was in the middle of a crosswalk, having stopped on the corner, so I'm guessing I was going about 5 MPH. I was wearing flats.

  • @paulettejanep If you're going over 0.5 mph (that's point 5, not 5) it will only come to a stop if you take pressure off of BOTH sensors (toe and heel). It has to do that, otherwise it would just keep going whenever someone fell off.

  • @paulettejanep said in Ouch - OW stopping on flat ground for no reason:

    Hi guys,
    I'm just sitting here with the entire left side of my body stinging.

    Here's to a speedy recovery! Good luck.

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