"Support" still on holidays ?

  • Hello, is there somebody who know when the support service will be back (by email@"support@rideonewheel.com") ?


  • @mattheus Not sure, but you don't need the "ride" part anymore. They bought onewheel.com a while back.

  • They're there. https://futuremotioninc.freshdesk.com/support/home

    They were responsive to me when I inquired as to the delayed shipping status of my board.

  • thanks @thegreck & thx @RLY,

    I'm gonna try the new support ticket form,

    Good ride guys ;)

  • RIP OW3614 :(

    No response from any contact method.....definetly still on holidays !

    I do not have receive any message delivery failure for my sended emails,

    By phone they say me to write an email but its done yet.

    I'm gonna wait 10 days more and i will send my board.


  • Did you fill the form out here?
    Or just send an email to support?
    I had to send mine back last month and it was a very quick process and turn around.

    Just now, I filled the form out and submitted it and got an immediate response back from their system. Sounds like you are not using their support/ticket system.

  • Same here, got an answer from support within 12 hours. Maybe try sending it again?

  • All methods used & contact form filled,

    This is the second time i need to send my board,

    First one no probleme with them, regarding .......
    An excessive axial noise"fixed"
    A light disconnection"fixed"
    Pad issue causing starting problems or crazy board "unfixed" but it is now admit as a normal thing by most of users.
    We apparently have to deal with that whitout any solution exept to find the first pad generation.
    3 sets of pads for me and the issue is still there on those 3 sets.
    They work better with the time but still unstable.

    And now my board is die regarding a battery issue. The battery tail was boiling during two days after a charge and now the board do not want to moove in any way.
    The support do not want to give me any inch of answer,

    If they want i can pay the shippping if its is a problem.

    Am i suppose to send my board whitout any contact information & whitout any support action initiated ?????

  • alt text

  • The support still do not want to give me any inch of an answer...................

    alt text

  • I have a board that was giving me problems (like capacitors falling off the PCB) and I was able to get in contact with them.
    I did not have luck with their support form although you do get an automated response back almost immediately. For me, they did not get notified of my ticket. I had to contact Carley at support@onewheel.com and now we are talking. I think they may be having issues with their ticket system.

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  • 20 silent days............and 3 month whitout any connection on this forum ???
    I'm not going to waiste my tears here anymore ??
    Any other solutions exept smoke signals please ??
    The store where i bought my board is now definetly closed.......... www.vente-groupee.fr
    Tomorrow i will sacrifice a bear and i will send them my f*****g board.


  • @mattheus I am pretty sure you are doing something wrong if you are not getting any sort of response. This forum is not the way to contact them just so you know. Either call the phone# or email the actual support email.

  • @mattheus I emailed them about something small a day ago and received a response within 30 mins. Sounds like other people that have emailed recently have all gotten responses and resolutions to their problems as well.

  • Their support site was/is not working correctly. Email support@onewheel.com.

    I have been in communication with them for the last week and have send my board in, got word back that they have received it and are working on it. Anytime I email it is never more than 24 hours for a response.

  • Pleased to ear your nice experience whith them guys, nice try .........but its to late...you cannot save the bear....

    alt text

    My board is on the way to the support,

    I just come from the online store to try to buy some stuff.

    And after the buy i receive as a gift the instantly order confirmation message.

    Thats mean there is nothing wrong whith my mail box,


    Apparently only bots are able to write an email in this company,

    Next episode soon ......

  • @mattheus Sorry to tell you man but that was a waste of $400+. What company doesn't use automated responses when you place an order? It's called a confirmation email. If you had just gone through the proper procedure you would be having your board fixed for free.

  • Thank you for the lesson professor "ahxe45" !

    Are you kidding me ???

    Do you imagine just a second i'm too stupid to write a email in the correct form for multiples times,

    Let me explain what i think fast.....the UPS shipping cost for france Go/Back is arround 450$. twice is 900$.
    More than the board itself price......"act as an ostrich" is a solution to avoid those type of heavy cost..... but that not suit me.

    Stuff is on the way,

    My board also,


  • So what did you do finally ? bu the way, if you are in the north of France, you could ask the 2 official dealer if they can keep in touch with FM. On my side, I'm in France too, and got my board replaced by the local shop from which I bought it, but in the same time I arranged that with the support team. I also contacted them and got answers and followup quite fast. I wonder if the mail you are sending are not being block by some fucking anti spam system ?

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