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  • hi Is there a way to increase the speed of the board. I want to go faster. I use the app on extreme mode.
    Thank you

  • Yes, you can lean as far forward as possible while the OW keeps accelerating until failure. That was your max speed. Otherwise, put your OW in your car and drive as fast as your car will go to make the OW go faster.

  • loll ok but I think you dont answer to my question. ;)

  • @charge360 I don't know how fast you're going already, but 20mph is as fast as the current motor can go. Only way to increase that is to buy a bigger motor. Maybe one from a racing motorcycle?

  • What is your current top speed? If you are topping out at 15-16mph(or less) them technique is where you should be looking. If you are getting up to 20mph and you want more, then you should be asking for an upgrade.(possibly done with firmware but my guess is the hardware can't safely support much more than 20mph).

  • 20 mph is plenty fast for me. The friction of my body on the ground above 20 mph would likely keep me from riding for too long.....

  • I run at top speed the most of the time. I reach on a downhill 17 mph It will be great to sell a brand new onewheel V2 Like the boosted board V2 ;)

  • @LidPhones 20mph if you see that on the onwheel app this is not true

  • the real speed you reach is probable 17 or 18 mph just 2 mph less on reel speed app

  • @charge360 The speeds I measure are on the p0wheel app that is pulling from the OW controller based on revolutions of the tire. If the "reel speed app" is one of those GPS apps, then yes, I agree the speeds are not accurate as I get 23-24mph on those.
    Anyway if you are only getting 17mph then you have more room to push it.
    Similar to racing, your speed has more to do with the size of your balls than the size of your engine.

  • @charge360 it is from a GPS biking app

  • @thegreck I use Road Bike app for iphone and give me 2 mph less

  • @charge360 You need to download the pOwheel app or if you have an iPhone, get the great OWheelBuddy app. Those are accurate, because as @wr420 said, the apps base the speed on the rotation of the wheel, not GPS information from your phone, which is usually not completely accurate.

  • @thegreck I am glad to hear the the 22.2 something the GPS bike app recorded is not accurate as I expected. That downhill run was almost too fast but did not exceed the OW limit. ;-)

  • I reduced the air pressure in the tires I do not know if this could affect the speed of the app ?

  • @charge360 it will decrease the real speed of the OW. As the diameter will be reduced with the same max RPM.

  • to reach and maintain a speed of around 20, your firmware needs to be compliant.

    3056 starts pushing me back at 12. i can reach around 20 on blacktop, but only for very short bursts. at this speed there is a constant battle for balance across the axle.

    the board is constantly leaning back and working to positively accelerate in front of the balance point to then immediately scrub speed to shift weight forward again. i am putting my weight forward to fight pushback to give throttle while at the same time pushing myself closer to the fault point for auto-balance.

    at the point where auto-balance fails there is a freewheeling condition of constantly varying resistance from the motor fields, where the rider needs to balance across the axle. this is actually pretty easy if you just feel it out. i can maintain a point just below fault point or even maintain a high overspeed (freewheeling) condition for as long as traction and ground clearance permit--then i hit the next wave of pushback.

    the problem i have going 20 on 3056 is not the output of the motor or the balance point of the board--or my balls. i have to ride waves of pushback which means a constantly fluctuating speed (nevermind balance!) it is not difficult to bounce around the maximum speed allowed by traction but it is annoying and inefficient (slow,) especially in slicker conditions where momentum is gold.

    i push pushback back, as many surely do, but that doesn't mean it stops pushing. it's like armwrestling.

    on an ideal firmware revision, the pushback would be like a wall pretty close to the fault point that you can climb and hang off the other side if you like. if the pushback started at 15 i could float at 15 all day or gleam the cube at 21 without having to armwrestle a computer.

  • @mrb Same battle here.

  • Me too. Unfortunately, I don't think they will make any revisions as the board will handle differently which could be a hazard to even a seasoned rider if they are accustomed to the older firmware. This could potentially open FM to a liability issue. I however, with about 1000 miles under my belt, (learned that tonight from the Owheelbuddy app), would love to see pushback saved for a bit later. I am a multi board owner and they top my chart of awesome toys.

  • Speed freaks

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