So trackr is having a back to school sale...

  • I have no affiliation or anything. Just sharing that I am going try these out.

    Going to tuck one into my OW somewhere, in case of sticky fingers. Looks like a fairly cheap solution for a little bit of piece of mind. Anyone else try with these? Would like to hear some feedback, if so.

  • @Wrex I'm fairly certain these only work via Bluetooth. If they get too far away it won't do any good whatsoever.

  • @hustle They are actually GPS as well and crowdsource the GPS feature.

    "TrackR's Crowd GPS Network even updates you of your item’s latest location on a map! Watch the video below to learn more!"

    "Lost something? TrackR's item tracking network will help you find it. When a TrackR user is within range of your lost item, you receive a GPS update."

    So as long as another user is within range of the GPS, it's supposed to update the location. Not perfect, of course, but hey, better than nothing and better than "just" bluetooth.

    Also there is a separation alert via bluetooth so if you are near it (say, a stop at the coffee shop or such) and someone tries to walk off with it when you aren't looking, that could be useful, I would think.

  • @Wrex nice! They've come further. So the GPS only works if it's able to ping it off of another's phone?
    I agree though, better than nothing. We should go in on the giant pack lol.

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