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  • Hi there,

    TLDR: anyone do balance cross training for their OW?

    I recently got a OW about 2 months ago, but unfortunately have spent the last 6 weeks healing from a bruised rib. Every day, I anxiously await being able to go back out and enjoy my OW, but am scared if I crash hard again, I'll be down for much more than 4-6 weeks.

    I crashed fairly hard after about 4 sessions---ironically about 1/4 mile from the end of my ride.

    I have no background in any sort of balance training (skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, etc) but have recently dabbled in slacklining.

    I'm wondering if there is anyone else out there that is either in the same situation as me or have any recommendations for things that is "balance newbies" can work on to compliment our OW freedom.

  • One thing that boosted my comfort level and balance on the OW was riding offroad THEN going back to pavement, it makes a dramatic difference. You don't even have to go fast, just slowly make your way across some dirt or a grassy field, it'll train you to balance better on all surfaces, good luck!

  • Master slow riding, balancing while stopped and clean dismounts with your front foot swiveling, before you ever venture anywhere other than a super smooth surface in a safe place with no people or obstacles like an empty parking lot. I have taught several people how to ride and injuries are incredibly rare in our circle. The only time you will ever become separated from your board is if you lose sensor contact or ignore pushback and become unstable.

  • @joshbobb Another thing that helps is to put it in the grass and try to balance on it while it's turned off. It's unbelievably difficult, but if you get the hang of it, even a little bit, it'll help your brain get the hang of how you should actually be riding it.

    Most crashes happen because people put too much faith in the board keeping them balanced, but don't understand the limitations of a single-wheeled vehicle's ability to do that, and end up putting their weight on the front end of the board which causes them to instantly outrun the motor and nosedive.

    But if you get used to balancing on it without depending on the board doing it for you, you'll be better able to keep your center of gravity over the wheel the way you should be doing.

  • @joshbobb said in Balance cross training:

    Hi there,

    TLDR: anyone do balance cross training for their OW?

    Well, I got the OW primarily to help me train for Surfing. lol.

  • Bosu Ball balance training with deck on top is great for all board sports. link text

  • @joshbobb Indo Board is amazing for working on balance and super fun as well.........

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