Post high speed here! OWheelbuddy app

  • @ahxe45 @Hubbitron you nailed it. In this thread I posted a screenshot of the app showing I topped out at 27.8 mph, and @depressedguy showed a top speed of 44.81 km (27.84 mph). As they're currently configured the boards can't reach speeds this high. These artificially high speeds are a function of wheel slip- if during your ride the wheel loses traction and spins freely, that speed is then recorded as the high. If I'm going fast and then do a quick hard stop + reverse, I can trigger wheel slip and boost the top speed. Similarly when I'm charging grass hills I often get wheel slip right before I lose it, which also shows higher speeds. I've done rides where I made sure there was no wheel slip and on one downhill run I hit 18.5 mph, which was legitimate but also dicey as I was past pushback, I didn't have the advantage of the software self-leveling the board, and it was all pure balance. The board basically got away from me and I was able to hang on and ride it out to the flat. Once it slowed down, I was able to resume control as the software kicked back in.

    @Hubbitron's comments about not being concerned with top speed, and wishing the board could reach 20mph without struggle, resonate with me. I feel confident that I could handle the board at 20+ mph if it was configured differently (say if pushback didn't kick in until 22 or 25 mph). But as the software is designed now, it limits speed, and that's very likely due to legal concerns. The faster these boards go, the more people will wipe out and get hurt, and FM may be trying to prevent lawsuits by limiting their liability by limiting top speed.

    One thing I've come to appreciate from this forum is that older boards with 3034 software behave differently than newer boards that have a newer version of the software. I have 2 OWs, both with the older 3034 software. Their natural top speed is right around 14.8 mph. What I mean by that is they can both ride all day long at that speed without pushing back, and you have full control of the board with the software still in effect. You can juice it faster if you push, but the board behaves quite differently and feels totally different (and not as controllable). From what I've read, boards with the newer software seem to have a lower pre-pushback top speed, but allow for pushback to be passed by, unlocking higher top speeds. Even with that I don't think they're natural top speed is more than 15 mph.

    Would be amazing if FM produced an Extreme version of the OW with a beefier motor, maybe a little bigger tire and higher top speed.

  • @ahxe45 You definitely have a point there. I feel that onewheel is definitely not meant to be ridden that fast and there is probably some zero error when it comes to the speed meter. Its also pretty dangerous to fight the pushback like that.

  • @groovyruvy I did my testing with the wheel slip detection on for the OWheelbuddy and I don't think the android app has that feature built into it. I did the test on flat pavement so there were no chances of the wheel slipping and I repeated the test 10 times with the results that I posted above being the average but every single time both apps were reporting higher than the radar gun was.

  • I also want to put it out there that this is by no means a knock on either of the apps or the developers because I love both of them and couldn't do without them at this point, but just saying that the speeds being posted are not accurate.

  • @ahxe45 great info. I have the POWheel android app and you're right, wheel slip detection isn't an option. So if you used the Apple app which has wheel slip detection, you used a radar gun to confirm top speeds, and the radar gun is showing lower top speeds than the app, then yes, same conclusion- artificially high speeds being displayed. If it's not wheel slip then it must be something else, not sure what though as from what I understand speed is determined by computing the diameter of the wheel turning. Maybe there's some variance in the wheel diameter? Or perhaps rider weight is somehow a factor? I'm not sure. All I know is that the boards I own don't go 27 mph. I also agree with you about supporting OW app developers. I greatly appreciate their efforts and the apps are excellent. I would just like to reliably know what my speeds are without having to use a radar gun :) For me though it's really an academic point, as I'm not concerned with speed / top speed. I ride the board as hard and as fast as it'll go and whatever speed that really is, I'm enjoying the heck out of it.

  • @groovyruvy I agree with that as well that I am not very concerned with how fast I can go I just enjoy riding as it is. Also wish they did have a model that would let you cruise a 20+mph comfortably and have a little bit better climbing ability off road.

  • The only thing I trust for accurate speed is a good old bicycle speedometer.

  • @depressedguy wow! That does look fast.

  • @Hubbitron said in Post high speed here! OWheelbuddy app:

    That being said, it would be ideal if it comfortably went up to 20mph for commuting and didn't struggle with quick acceleration. I can only hope these things will be addressed in future models (motion).

    I have a feeling the ease into acceleration is programmed that way intentionally for safety reasons. It's using your inertia to balance, and you have to ease into that, otherwise the board would shoot out from under you and you'd fall off the back. Look up Boosted Board Fail on YouTube and you'll see a lot of first-time riders doing this when they try to accelerate on the board.

  • @thegreck said in Post high speed here! OWheelbuddy app:

    @Hubbitron said in Post high speed here! OWheelbuddy app:

    That being said, it would be ideal if it comfortably went up to 20mph for commuting and didn't struggle with quick acceleration. I can only hope these things will be addressed in future models (motion).

    otherwise the board would shoot out from under you and you'd fall off the back. .

    Yep, I remember having a Honda with a busted clutch when I was a teenager.
    I picked up my buddy and took off leaving him falling down on his ass without me knowing it..

  • @thegreck I will look up boosted board fails on youtube!

  • Prehaps the most famous one.

  • @sonny123 said in Post high speed here! OWheelbuddy app:

    Prehaps the most famous one.

    Exactly! I actually like the way it eases into acceleration. It gives me a moment to get my bearings before acceleration really kicks in.

    It's the same reason cars don't start out in fifth gear. You have to ease into your speed, or the tires just spin. Well, in a car that's what happens, on an electric skateboard, you see what happens in Casey Neistat's video.

  • @thegreck

    There's always the slow start option but most people looking for how fast they can hit 20 mph.
    Most boards give the option of slower accleration.
    I always liked Metroboard and they just upgraded their remote.

  • @sonny123 Agree, options are always good! I'm all for having sliders on the app to be able to make adjustments on those types of things (acceleration, top speed, what speed pushback starts, etc).

  • @sonny123 @ahxe45 @groovyruvy @MichaelW You were all so right, I've just changed the speed calculation - I've not taken the wheel crushing into account when calculating speeds. Of course, it depends on rider's weight as well as your tire's pressure. Thank you very much for the effort to verify the actual speed's accuracy!

    On the latest version, which has already been released for testing, the calculation is done with an average crushing value of 5 mm (about 0.2 inch) subtracted from the wheel's radius due to compression caused by the rider's weight.

    So e.g. a speed of 30.2 kph (18.8 mph) equals a speed of 27.6 kph (17.1 mph) in the new version.

    @kwatts you could also update your app's speed calculation in order to display proper speeds, just use this for e.g. kph -> topSpeedRpm * ((11.5-1.0)2.54PI/100000.0)*60.0

    PS: as only the wheel's rotations per minute are stored in the app's database, it'll update your speed automatically when installing the new app.

  • @SeeTheInvisible Well, it looks like I'm going to have to try even harder to kill myself after the update!

  • @SeeTheInvisible you are awesome man. I wish FM would take what suggestions people are saying on the forums and do something about it the same day. That's true dedication right there keep up the good work and like I said before I love your app I just noticed that speeds being posted seemed a little exaggerated.

  • @thegreck haha, yeah
    @ahxe45 thx!

    I had to think about my calculation all the time and I finally found out that I made a mistake: in the calculation I posted yesterday I subtracted 0.5 inches from the wheel radius instead of 0.5 cm.

    New calculation for kph: speedRpm * (((11.5 * 2.54) - 1.0) * PI / 100000.0) * 60.0;

    So with this revised calculation a speed of 30.2 kph (18.8 mph) equals a speed of 29.2 kph (18.1 mph) which still looks a bit high.

    Could anyone of you also veryfiy the compression of the wheel?
    How to do: put you board on a flat ground and measure the distance between the frame's upper edge and the ground - do this measurement where the axis of the wheel is located.

    For the second measurement, you need someone who assists you in order to get precise values: Do the same with a rider on the board.

    At the end, please subtract the second measurement from the first an tell me the difference and the weight of the rider which was on the board.

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