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  • @thehoff I agree 100%. I'm good but I don't have the confidence and experience yet to hold anything more than that in a carve yet. Starting off, solid - carving toe side, solid - carving heel side I ALWAYS slow down some.

    Curious - has anyone had the wheel slip out from under them yet?

  • @hustle my two nosedives have been heel turns. Front comes up and I put too much pressure on the front and either my foot rolled forward off the censor or I pushed too hard too fast.. But yes, heel turns are harder to keep speed.

  • @hustle I have had the wheel slip out from under me when going 15+ on freshly cut wet grass. I went up a good size hill and made it almost all the way to the top with no problem and then when I started to level out I guess I leaned to hard forward and the wheel started slipping and when I shifted my weight to counter it caught traction and went flying.

  • @hustle yes, wheel slipped out from under me only once, this past Saturday. A thin layer of sand on a concrete path was the culprit. I was riding near the beach and thought it would be fun to 'hit lip' by riding through some tall bushy plants that were hanging over the concrete path. Pulled up into the grass and then cut back, not realizing that there was a thin layer of sand under the plants which I couldn't see. Tire slipped out from under me and the board got away. Wipeout was of the head-first second base dive variety, I managed to get my hands out on front of me. As I was wearing jeans and full pads, I escaped with a only scraped right elbow / forearm and a nice bruise on my right upper thigh.

  • @ahxe45 @groovyruvy Wheel slip is my biggest fear of the board sports. Had it happen to me so much on my longboard that I am pretty good at understanding when/what causes it but this is a whole new demon.
    Wishing you a speedy recovery, Groovy!

  • @groovyruvy hardcore! Get well soon.. Maybe you should invest in snowboard impact shorts too! I just ordered these elbow and knee guards.. Not really for impacts, more just to keep my own skin intact. Plus they are really low profile and should fit under clothes in winter.. Coupled with a new lid and my snowboard wrist guards, I'm all set for summer and winter riding..

  • @hustle thanks! Several folks came up to me afterwards and were like 'dude you OK?', and actually I was- thanks to wearing jeans + pads. I've riden a couple times since (after popping 3 Advil) and other than some blood oozing onto my right elbow pad, no issues. Come to think of it, I actually did have wheel slip one other time. Was cutting backside along the face of a steep grass berm when I rode over some trimmings that had been left behind after they mowed it. I slipped about 3 feet down the face and then the wheel found traction, and somehow I hung on. Scared me for a brief sec but gave me a huge rush as it felt just like slipping across powder on a snowboard. One of my favorite moments on the OW.

  • @hustle said in Post high speed here! OWheelbuddy app:

    Curious - has anyone had the wheel slip out from under them yet?

    Only once so far. I was doing a sharp backside turn moving from cement to DG (like very hard sand) and as soon as it hit the sand it slipped out from under me and I fell back. Luckily I got a foot on the ground so I didn't hard on my ass, but I did hit my head on the ground, so it was good I was wearing a helmet.

  • @thehoff thanks, I think I'm gonna go ahead and order a pair of those charge arm guards, as pretty much every wipe I have ends up leaving me with a bloody right elbow and forearm, a result of the elbow pad slipping out of position upon impact, and not being in the exact spot where I land. Same issue with my right lower leg- usually but not always I end up with a scrape on my lower leg just below the knee, a result of the knee pad not being in the exact spot where I typically impact. As for the snowboard impact shorts, I'm thinking about them. My right thigh has taken on a few large black and blue bruises that made my leg feel a little stiff.

  • @groovyruvy I can't stress enough how much of a life safer hydrocolloid bandages and some Brave Soldier ointment are for road rash. Put it on, 5 days later you have pink skin back. No scabs, no blood, just heals.

  • @groovyruvy cool man.. They get great reviews.. CRC is very close to me so I'm picking mine up next few days.. Once they are on you forget your wearing them..
    I take it you ride goofy? Right side getting beaten up.. I ride regular and it's my left side that takes the beating!

  • @hustle buying them both right now!

  • @groovyruvy amazing..

  • @thehoff you are correct, I ride goofy, so every wipe takes a toll on my right side. First time I rode I had my iPod in my front right pocket. 30 minutes into it I got pitched (I hate classic mode) and my screen shattered. Never made that mistake again, every time I ride I put everything in my left or back pockets and no issues.

  • @groovyruvy lol.. I'm the same.. iPhone goes straight into my right pocket..

  • @groovyruvy Switch to Extreme! Man, I read so many posts about people wiping out and hurting themselves because they're afraid they're "not ready" for Extreme mode yet. But ironically if they'd just switch, they wouldn't wreck! I switched to Extreme before even stepping on it and after riding daily for 8 months, I've never lost any skin riding my Onewheel.

    Classic tries to impose a strict speed limit on users by using pushback, which actually takes more riding experience to handle properly without crashing. Extreme just allows you to go faster before it starts pushing back. Just start slow on your own and don't let the board tell you what to do.

  • @thegreck I'm pretty sure @groovyruvy was referring to classic mode as his very first ride

  • @thehoff @thegreck you're both right. Extreme is the only way to go, and I was referring to riding classic back in the day on my first ride when I didn't know better. Now I only ride in extreme, and occasionally elevated mode.

  • That could be a good update for owheelbuddy. In settings we could totally remove classic mode just incase its accidentally selected..

  • @thehoff said in Post high speed here! OWheelbuddy app:

    That could be a good update for owheelbuddy. In settings we could totally remove classic mode just incase its accidentally selected..

    Yes! And make it just automatically switch the board to Extreme if it's in Classic already.

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