Elevated mode II (Steeper)? Quicker mode change?

  • Hello-I just picked up my Onewheel last week and I love this thing. Have been hitting all types of terrain, pavement, grass, trails hills. I tried out the elevated mode today on a steep grassy hill only to get ejected off the board. For now, I simply approach hills less "dead-on" which is okay to me. But I was wondering,,, would it be possible to give us an Elevated II Mode that is steeper than the regular Elevated mode to give us more angle of attack on steeper hills? I would also like to see this used in conjuction with an easier mode change on the app. instead of having to swipe then activate. Example: I have the app open while I ride,,,as I approach the hill, 1 simple tap to put me in an elevated mode while rolling towards the base of the hill,,,once I summit the hill, I can quickly go back to Extreme Mode with one tap. Thanks for listening guys! LOVE this thing SO much!!!!!!!

  • @r1alvin I can't help with the whole app thing changing from mode to mode.
    But the way I hit the hills is ride in elevated mode then as I get the the base of the hill I push down on the back side of the board sharply. Has worked pretty good so far.

  • @r1alvin I just ride in extreme, always. Only time I got thrown off was because I hit the speed limit.

  • @r1alvin if you ride with the sensors in back, you find the board to ride slightly more elevated. This works in both modes (elevated and extreme), riding the board with the blue grip tape under your back foot will get you another notch of tilt.

  • I posted about this a while back, I have a steep hill on my way home. This gives me just a little more clearance to accelerate.


  • @jordo thanks! I will try sensors at rear!

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