What's this new aggressive projection I hear about?

  • So ive been waiting over 5 weeks now for my board.. I sent an email wondering if its coming in 6.. I got this in response..

    Anyone hear anything?

    Future Motion (Future Motion)
    Sep 14, 17:08

    Hi Jon,

    Thanks for checking in! We are out pacing our most aggressive projection which is causing a longer lead time then anticipated. Your board should be in our shipping queue in the next week and on it's way soon after.

    We apologize for the delay but will have you riding soon!

    Kind regards,
    Onewheel Team

  • Very Clever, by the time we figure it out....You will have your board by then ;)

  • @DVO

    What does that email mean lol

  • It basically means that they have more orders coming in than they ever expected.

  • Yep...Be glad you even got a response...

  • @parrothd

    They always write me back.. Nothing to glad about.. It's not a cheap toy they better answer..

  • @parrothd Their service and responsiveness is top notch. I'm not sure where you are coming from with that response. @njcustom You get what you pay for, and they do answer, so what's with the attitude? I don't know what you don't understand about their email either. Clearly they are selling better than they foresaw, and this makes it difficult to stay on their intended turnaround time. I know the wait is frustrating, but you will forget all about it as soon as you step on your board. Enjoy!

  • @sidebox

    My attitude is because he said be glad.. Like I'm supposed to worship future motion? Lol

  • @njcustom You probably will when you receive their handmade hover board that blows all the other ones out of the water and realize that they have top notch service and responsiveness. I don't care who you worship, or don't.

  • @sidebox

    They're hand put together, not hand made..

    Check my Instagram page, you will see handmade.. Njcustom

  • They do have a top notch service .. A++

  • Yeah, it's just they're selling more than they can produce and they're trying to maintain a sustainable production scale.

  • @njcustom kinda a douchey vibe from you....js w/ your attitude, I wouldn't give you much help or advice. We all spent the same amount of money on this product, being whiny about it won't get you your onewheel any faster. Just FYI

  • @DVO

    Nobody whining here.. Youre just acting like I owe future motion something..

  • Forgive me for my honesty and truth.. OW is a toy not the holy Bible lol..

  • Whether it's a hand put together, hand made, or a hand me down, it's a helluva device and a great crew at the OW HQ. Hope you get your board soon! Me out....

  • This is nothing new. FM has always been overly optimistic with ship times and given how excited you have to be to lay out 1500+, the wait times are excruciating for everyone. Thankfully after you get the amazing product the long wait is quickly forgotten.

    I will say this, when I ordered I didn't know the realistic ship times and there was very little info anywhere from owners. Now with this forum, anyone who has done the least bit of homework should go into the purchase with eyes wide open. Nobody who has purchased since this forum has been around has a good reason to get bent out of shape when waiting a few extra weeks as it is well documented that most of us have done it.

    I'm on the record as saying FM would be better off padding ship times to meet and exceed expectations while giving support a much needed break but they must think some people will buy an electric skateboard rather than wait. Given how good the product is, it's an easily forgivable offense.

  • One great lesson I learnt in life is, always lower peoples expectations of you and your work, and then surprice the hell out of them. Its always better than the opposite and getting people disappointed :D

  • I'm not mad by any means.. I work so much time goes by very fast.. Feels like last week I ordered and it was almost 6 weeks.. I only have a little time to ride because new Jersey will be getting cold soon so it would be nice to have it now..

  • @Franky

    I love my onewheel, the lack communication and unrealistic ship time info really bugged me. They kept saying on twitter 6-8 week ship times when I was still waiting at 14 weeks. A simple automated weekly email giving an update would've kept me informed and giving real ship times on twitter would've be even better. I'd rather have a realistic expectation then false info.

    Don't get me started on my recent service experience, I wanna get my board back ..lol...

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