Update - BAD CRASH - 2 Week old Onewheel for sale

  • I feel bad for this guy.. and any other man that uses the wife excuse for that matter..

  • @njcustom You can't blame a woman for wanting her husband and father/grandfather of their family to stay alive. It sounds like he already has some physical ailments (could have read wrong somewhere) so maybe the OW isn't the right thing for him. Kudos for trying @McFly

  • @hustle I hear ya. My wife would like nothing more than for me to get rid of my onewheels. She thinks I'm a fool because she thinks it's dangerous and why would I want to risk injuring myself when I have a wife and kids, etc. I'll never get rid of them though, love riding too much. Best workaround I've come up with is wearing pads and helmet- at least that way she feels like I'm being responsible about it.

  • @groovyruvy I agreed.. Get pads and ride with confidence. I'm nearly 50 and never want to grow up. I take pride in riding flat out past all the cool kids on my snowboard ..

  • @thehoff I bought mine from my dad who is 50. I don't think he wants to either. :)

  • @groovyruvy Yeah my wife does a lot of just trying not to think about it, haha. She really hates when I tell her about some of the many close calls I have during my daily work commute, so I try to remember to keep those to myself.

  • @njcustom Don't feel bad for me. I have four motorcycles, racing karts and other outdoor toys. This one just happen to throw me off for no apparent reason and hurt me badly enough that I will probably not be able to do anything for the next several weeks. So, the truth is; yes, she would love to see it gone and I don't see the reason in keeping something that I don't feel like I can trust while riding it. By the time I'm able to ride it again I will have owned it four times longer than I have to date. Do I really want to keep it for the next six weeks knowing that only after two weeks I was hurt so badly? I don't think so. I will probably never ride the thing again.

  • @McFly sounds like you've got some fun toys- and a great lifestyle! I'll only feel bad for you if you get rid of your OW, but I understand where you're coming from if you do- it really is not fun to get hurt on OW.

  • @McFly yeah. You have lots of toys. No need for the onewheel if it's going to stop you playing. I've been snowboarding for 20 years and in that time I've never been able to replicate that feeling until now,, I can see me riding the onewheel everyday until I'm not able to or too old..

  • @thehoff I agree 100%. That is my plan too.

  • @thehoff that was my plan, to ride it for a very long time. Unfortunately, this experience has changed that for me.

  • @McFly really sorry to hear that.. I've got banged up a few times myself but luckily only skin deep.. Broken bones are a totally different level.. I'm sure you will have no problems selling it. We are the same age so it takes longer to get back on our feet

  • That's a bummer man. Get better!

  • @thehoff Well said.

    The need for speed.
    Most of us have that tendency to push the limit.

    After my first nose dive, I vowed to just cruise around at low speed.
    Then I downloaded a speedometer, just to see how fast I'm going.
    Only to hit 11 mph. Then I had to just remind myself to take it slow.

    Heck, even after a minor mishap, I was going to chuck it.
    Broken bone will cause most to sell it.
    So it's totally understandable.

  • This is what my arm looks like after the crash. 0_1472648081220_image.jpeg

  • @McFly Damn son. OW

  • @McFly thats looks painful.. hope your on the mend soon

  • I had some pretty bad wrecks the first month of owning it but none that bad. I thought about selling mine after the second wreck. I was on it the next day.

    If I had had an accident that bad (especially early on) I would definitely sell it. Bummer though... I get it.

  • @MichaelW yeah, I was able to run out a couple slower speed mishaps in the first couple weeks nothing that even frightened me at all. But when this happened it just flat out stopped and threw me over the front going in a straight line at 14.5 mph on a smooth street with a slight incline. I had no warning, no growl, no pushback. Shoulder broken in four places and out of place, hip and leg bruised, ribs bruised, plus a little road rash. Thankfully I was wearing a helmet as my head hit the ground too.

    I hate to sell it but I'm just going to sit here and stare at it for the next six to eight weeks and then probably not feel very comfortable getting on it again. Also, I have an very rare auto immune disease which makes any injury like this much worse than it would be for an average person. I have broken many bones in my day and always say pain is temporary but as I get older and with the condition that I have, I could just cannot risk these types of injuries.

  • @McFly feel better man! After reading about your injuries, I threw down yesterday and purchased an upgraded set of knee and elbow pads, new wristguards, BMX padded shorts to protect the side of my thigh, and pads to protect my forearm and lower leg (the 2 places that get scraped up the most when I wipe). Already have a great helmet. I've had some nasty wipes but never incurred injuries as bad as yours. So far the biggest issues I've had with wipeouts are a) dealing with the yucky, bloody mess (my wife hates the blood that seeps into the sheets, and wearing long pants over my bloody lower leg sucks), b) riding while still healing from a previous wipe (scabs don't like pads on them, and they hurt like hell if you fall on them again), and c) convincing some of our friends that I haven't joined Fight Club.

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