Update - BAD CRASH - 2 Week old Onewheel for sale

  • @SaturnOne My wife got her helicopter license about a year ago. When she was learning, her instructor said that flying a helicopter is the most fun a person can have with their clothes on. She looked at him and said with a straight face "No, it's the most fun anyone can have". He looked at me with a surprised look...😐

  • @HansBoobie I agree with the instructor!

  • @HansBoobie Well, I haven't flown a helicopter.
    But I do know that cruising/carving/seesawing on the OW
    is the closest thing to what I imagine is the feeling of flying like a bird.
    And yes, that's gotta be about the most fun a person can have.
    Clothes or no clothes becomes irrelevant at some point.
    Although the feeling of cruising on OW can be so liberating that, yes,
    it can feel tempting to get rid of some clothes ;)

  • ![0_1502224563562_IMG_1588.PNG](Uploading 22%)

    Road rash. Don't ride your Onewheel on pavement in flip flops.

  • @hustle LMAO. That was a funny list of rules!

  • @thehoff

    What's silly is I broke my ankle snowboarding at Steamboat. Four of us crowed on one of the smaller lifts (I was the only one boarding, the rest of them were skiing and I had been riding lifts behind or in front of them for the entire trip because I don't particularly like skis all over my board). When we got off at the top it was a hog rush and my brothers skis went over my board and I lost my balance (unbinded back foot), took a few steps to recover, fell, and the board's momentum turned my ankle...pop!. It was the last day, but still. It hasn't even been a year yet, and I've been carving with the one wheel for over a month now. It is as you eluded to, a nice substitute, when you live in "snowless-mountainless" region.

  • @McFly That almost looks like my arm looked like after I partially tore my pectoral major. Maybe not that much bruising though.

  • @McFly

    If you do decide to hang in there with it, just take it slow and travel in small to large "S" patterns. It forces you to slow down. To tell you the truth, I hardly ever go straight unless I'm starting from a complete stop.

  • Soooooo is this still available m? Lol

  • I'm in my 50's and have been wanting a Onewheel since they came out. Finally got a OW+, and was far too exuberant and immediately slammed myself into the pavement. Pretty bad road rash, an very sore wrist, and a nice gash on my elbow. I've now stopped trying to carve like a pro and am concentrating on building the right instincts and technique for safety. Wearing all the right protective gear (was wearing helmet and wrist guards before). Changed my settings to get the front of the board angled slightly up which has helped tremendously - gives me an extra inch of margin before the nose digs in and throws me thirty feet. :) I'm keeping my speed low too.

    Bottom line this is inherently dangerous in many ways, but that can be minimized if I use my common sense and think about what that concrete felt like when I was thrown off the board.

  • @fritolet have you looked into getting FANGS?

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