I finally got my OW!

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    @Polle At your suggestion I practiced dismounts (and standing still) a little bit on the roof before I hit the streets.

    I still need more practice, though. My OW came 2 inches from being run over by a car after a poor dismount at a busy intersection during rush hour.

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    The first few weeks are all about control.... Keep away from cars :)
    After that you will be golden :)

  • @RLY I agree with @Aaron-Broward-FL ... I rode it in parks, bike paths, residential streets, and my backyard for a couple of months before attempting to ride through the city. Maybe overly cautious, but I was glad I did. It's good to know what you're doing when riding around a lot of cars who's drivers are rarely paying attention.

    Another thing you should practice is stopping at a moments notice. If you're always prepared to stop, you're also a lot less likely to have sudden nosedives from having your weight too far forward.

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL @thegreck I live in the city so I have to ride through the city to get to anywhere (unless I want to confine myself to the rooftop). I'm going to practice control, dismounts, and stops -- specifically, how to suddenly stop at a moment's notice, not take a nosedive, AND not have my board keep going without me. Any suggestions?

    Next up on the agenda after that: carving like I would on snow.

  • @RLY Well, I would always have to drive to the parks and bike paths. I'm guessing this is the type of city living where you don't have a car?

  • @thegreck Yup. There's an Enterprise CarShare in the garage of my building, but I don't have a car. If I can survive the 4 avenues to Central Park, and remember to exit the park at the correct street (I missed by 7 streets today and had to navigate those blocks through rush hour), I'm relatively comfortable.

  • @RLY said in I finally got my OW!:

    I still need more practice, though. My OW came 2 inches from being run over by a car after a poor dismount at a busy intersection during rush hour.

    Yeah, this confidence doesn't come after 1 afternoon, but it will come anyway, so stay put! :)

  • @RLY I remember a day when my board looked that clean and shiny..

  • @RLY wow you got the best practice spot on that roof, those tiles look like they have great traction for slow motion carving and what a view! The more you ride slow and confined the more confident you'll be out in public.

    I'd suggest working on toe side circles, heel side circles then figure 8s, all up on that roof.

  • @Polle I'm comfortable now with the dismount. As I was riding through the park my feet got tired so I Googled and found http://community.onewheel.com/topic/256/newbie-real-world-beginners-manual This tip from @utsu helped tremendously:

    Getting used to that "1 second off" for the foot sensor before the motor disengages drove me crazy at first, but I started understanding it.

    @ahxe45 Yea... it doesn't look like that any more...

    @Dmonicle I got tired of slow and confined already... I hit a new top speed of 19.5 mph in the park today.

  • @groovyruvy said in I finally got my OW!:

    @RLY welcome to the club! If those are your OW riding shoes, we wanna see the rest of the outfit ;)

    @groovyruvy I wore these today because I wanted to see if I could ride my OW in work clothes:

    Not uncomfortable... but I think Springblades would be more economical, even if it doesn't match the rest of the outfit.

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