Nosedive Video - Why would this happen?


    What is the cause of this? Why would the OW just nosedive like this? Pretty scary to think this could happen at any time for no reason. This is exactly what happened to me on my first fall. I was going a bit faster and accelerating through the carves on a slight hill. Really busted myself up.

  • @BriFi Too slow + moving foot off sensor. Happened to me once the other day. I have since regripped my board to show myself where the sensors are better. Now I keep the purple hidden!

  • To note*

    Looks like his feet were firmly planted and flat.
    He was going up hill as to not top out the battery.

  • @hustle Is this you in the video?

  • 0_1472588349484_OW GP No Handle small.jpg

  • @BriFi No, but look close, you can see his toes lift.
    I like to ride with equal amount of heel & toe sticking off of the board. He has his entire heel on the board and only toes sticking off.

  • his lead foot clearly loses contact/pressure right before the board disengages at a slow speed. as it is designed to do :D

  • Ahh, ok I see that in the slo mo. I've really got to pay close attn to foot position. @hustle your board is tricked out. Pimp My OW!

  • This post by Future Motion may help people understand nosediving, pushback and the board not slowing down at times. I found this post from Future Motion a while back and I think it highlights how the OW is engineered to be ridden vs how most people think it should be ridden. Pay special attention the the last sentence!
    I'm no expert I just thought this is great info from OneWheel that everyone should know!
    I hope this helps!

    ⬇️ Future Motion's post ⬇️

    "Some riders have the tendency to 'fight' the pushback and counter it by leaning forward to try to stay at level as you seem to be describing. Because you are actually leaning forward to counter the sensation of the board pushing you back, the board will not decelerate. That is why it seems like you can't slow down and your tail is dragging. Eventhough it seems like you don't have room to lean back, if you shift your weight back, you will slow down.

    The board is not controlled by the angle it's riding at with respect to ground but by where the center of mass of the rider is at with respect to the board itself."

  • @BriFi hahah if you lived close I'd be happy to help with grip tape man. I have always found gripping boards fun for some reason.

  • @CABALLERO Technically, the board can only detect the tilt of the board and has no idea where the person's center of mass is... that being said, it's still excellent advice because the board can't self-balance if your center of mass isn't over the wheel (while moving straight forward), it can only nosedive.

  • The front of his foot clearly lifts off the sensor while turning. You can see it in slow mo.

  • @MichaelW correct the front of his foot does lift. Are you able to confirm how many sensors there are and where exactly they are under the blue strips; and also can you remind me as to what it takes to get the board to turn off? i.e. if you're going less than 1/2-mile an hour, does taking your foot off 1 of 2 sensors turn it off? Somewhere sometime I thought I read that if OW is moving more than 1/2-mile per hour and even if both sensors are uncovered, the board will continue to operate without suddenly stopping as long as you cover the sensors again. What's the scoop?

  • @groovyruvy his foot looks angled to a degree where it looks like only one sensor is covered. Thus, going into a backside the toe is lifted coming off the only covered sensor. No sensors covered, OW stops.

    Under .5 both need to be covered.
    Over .5 just one.

    But it's probably good practice to keep both covered when riding at speed.

  • @kelp said in Nosedive Video - Why would this happen?:

    his lead foot clearly loses contact/pressure right before the board disengages at a slow speed. as it is designed to do :D

    Yup. Right at timeline 0:21. You can clearly see it.

  • He raised his foot enough to stop the board. My guess is we just can't see it in the video but he was off both sensors enough to do this... It looked like it was a slight side lift and he shoe must have come off just enough on both to kill the board. At the angle we got in the video you won't be able to see that.

  • @BriFi said in Nosedive Video - Why would this happen?:

    @hustle Is this you in the video?

    It's me lol

  • @BriFi All rider's analyses are that time I was a never happen to me again with experience...just be careful to not raise your toes on the heel turn and always adjust your sensor foot placement with your speed level.

  • You've come a long way @fabuz! It's like an early version of your 'downhill of death'!

  • A good toe turn exemple using only one sensor at 34 sec. :
    Very useful for tight j-turn right into 180 at low/medium speed :)

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