I want a OneWheel and I live in the UK how do I get one ???

  • I live in London in the UK and I've saved up enough money to finally buy a OneWheel. But how do I get one?

    Do I have to get it from the USA and shipped over if I do how much is the OneWheel in £ and how much is shipping.

    Or is there a way to somehow get it in the uk. If someone could fill me in it would be much appreciated.

  • @morgan-h If you can find a used one for sale in UK that would be probably the cheapest way. But it also sounds like retailers are starting to pop up slowly but surely overseas. Maybe @thehoff can chime in here I believe he said he bought his from a retailer. You can also check the https://onewheel.com/apps/store-locator/ . Looks like there is one not terribly far from London.

  • @morgan.h please contact Tris @ The OTC wind surf. They are in Portland near Weymouth. Shipping was next day for free! . I bought my onewheel there. Google it. Great bunch of guys. He sold his first stock in days but has 20 units ordered for next week. Call him ASAP and get you name on one.. He has fenders ordered as well for September so a full suite of onewheel goodies should be in stock in the UK very very soon. I live in Northern Ireland and I'm pretty sure I've the only onewheel here

  • I got mine off eBay - it was new and boxed - I reckon the seller bought two at a discounted when he was in the states and brought the other one back to sell on. They still occasionally pop up there but I've not seen how much they go for. Buying it from an actual shop like @thehoff said would probably give you better peace of mind though. I've been wondering if there are any more UK riders - I'm up in York.

  • Just my 2 cents....I'm in France, and there is 2 ressellers in the north of France, so buying it here would at least save you the VAT :)

  • @AdamDoubleG Nice one. I just didn't want to trust eBay with something of this value. The eBay seller in the uk is the same seller world wide so more than likely it would be shipped from US with vat charges.
    @morgan-h As I said. The OTC is supplying parts and soon to be a service center for UK. It would be silly to order it from anyone else if your in the uk.

  • I've just ordered mine from OTC in the UK...Hopefully they should be here in next few weeks....

    Haven't been this excited about a new toy in a long while... :D

  • @Zen.Potatoes excellent. Let me know when the stock come in as I've ordered a fender to arrive with the onewheel stock.. If you found out about OTC here then tell Tris that Dave from Northern Ireland recommended them. Thanks and enjoy

  • Cheers... But I found OTC after a frantic web search last week... I would have bought one of these years ago when i first saw em, was just waiting for some place in the UK to stock em... finally gave up last week and was just about to order direct from here when I found OTC via the web...

  • @Zen.Potatoes same as me.

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