Nose is slightly lower in all modes

  • Just started having an issue the last few days. I ride almost exclusively in Elevated mode. I noticed that I was no longer able to traverse some small hills (large bumps) on trails I ride on. No matter what speed I approached them, the nose would dig in. I took a long ride on pavement and immediately noticed that Elevated mode was no longer an "uncomfortable" position to ride in for long distances. My front leg no longer felt like it was up on a step... it was basically just like Extreme mode now (flat / level) while cruising at a modest speed. I opened the app to make sure it hadn't switched to Extreme mode... it hadn't. I switched to Extreme mode and the nose dropped significantly, switched back to Elevated and it basically was level again. The behavior is the same whether you are going forward or reverse.

    Otherwise it's working great, no errors, no odd noises.

    I've emailed support, but wanted to share the issue here in case anybody else runs into it, or has ran into it.

  • @AshWilliams chances are it's all in your head. Same exact thing happened to me after riding elevated exclusively for about two weeks. I went back to extreme and thought I was gonna dive the nose for sure. I sent an email to Support as well, but then realized after riding extreme for a couple days that I just needed to get used to it again. Try turning your board on in extreme mode and then stand on it without moving forward or backward, have someone take a picture of your board and I think you'll find that while you're not moving it's exactly level.

  • i only ride elevated and feel this too.

  • An update:

    I've been riding quite a bit the past week. I've found two things.

    First, yeah... a decent portion of the issue is that I'm really used to riding in Elevated mode. It's no longer uncomfortable.

    Second, when starting out, the nose really does seem to be lower most of the time. What I discovered this week (by accident) is that after a "root kick" or similar bump / speed up... the nose would be a little higher (and firmer). Shortly after, I found if I simply "hit the brake" a few times when I first start, I get a similar effect (nose higher and firmer).

    Support was great, I just updated the ticket. I'll post here if they request any more info. I also requested more shaping options.. .hopefully they'll eventually give us more options.

  • @AshWilliams thank you for the update on this. I sometimes felt after longer rides in extreme that the nose was dipping down more than at the start. Could also be that my stance was shifting after a few miles. I have also felt more solid after stopping and the restart as you noted.

  • it seems the board does some sort of dialing in of pitch at boot.

    if i boot the board with a higher pitch, i get the elevatedness i remember originally having. this only lasts until the first time i brake.

    i was never uncomfortable riding elevated. i think there is something to this--like the inclinometers mounts have shifted.

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