2nd most embarrassing moment ever.

  • I've had my onewheel since Tuesday September 30, 2016. After 2 days of riding (and half a dozen scrapes and bruises) I felt confident enough to ride it 2 miles to work. So there I was gliding along the sidewalk in the national mall 10:15 am in the morning after it had just stopped raining with the biggest grin on my face. Suddenly, a busload of tourists crosses the street to my sidewalk and started taking pictures of the Capitol building to my right. My path blocked, I decided to swerve to the gravel path to the immediate right of the sidewalk. Little did I know that riding on wet gravel was above my capabilities. Suffice to say, I wiped out directly in front of 30 tourists with their cameras out. The whole left side of my body was covered in muck (saved my face from kissing the ground though). Good thing I had the foresight to bring an extra shirt and whatever grime I had on my jeans was wiped off with a wet towel when I got to work. My formerly bruised left knee is now scraped and bleeding and my right hand is missing a bit of skin. I would take another scrape on my right knee and on my left hand in exchange for my bruised ego.

  • It's happening, @sykh is from the future!!

  • Lol I meant August.

  • @sykh for sure the transition from different surfaces and friction types is a learned skill. You will get there. Stay centered on the board the best that you can with knees softened to adjust balance as needed.

  • @sykh Awww, shit. Yes, gravel is definitely one of the trickier surfaces to ride on. Super easy to have it slide out from under you, especially when a lot of tourists are watching.

  • @sykh not bad at all for a 2nd most embarrassing moment!

  • I hear you man, I've been riding from the satellite lot to work instead of taking the shuttle. Every day a new obstacle. For instance, this morning one of shuttles was exiting another center on the hospital campus. I had a walk sign and right of way, he saw me, then gunned it to make a right on red and tested my "bailout" skills. I will shit on his bus in the near future.

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